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After leaving his college with a useless degree, Richie had found himself as a wage slave working at a NYC Starbucks and on a particular day he had gone out on a date with soon to be girl friend and died for here. He ushered himself into death with sour tears. It was the ending of his life with one love.

Arising out his death, he notices a dark blue panel appear in front of him as he finds himself stranded in a world of fake void. Little does he know, this particular scene would be the beginning of his legacy as the Azure Hero…

ActionComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Introverted Protagonist Level System Loli Male to Female Management Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Reincarnated into Another World RPG System Administrator Tragic Past
Table of Contents 17
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Table of Contents
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