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/ Series / Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse
Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse
Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse
818.2k Views 30429 Favorites 228 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2728 Readers
4.6 (187 ratings)
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Tired of one bad choice in the personalization of his trait, Kaye, now Kai, logically planned his suicide for a better chance of reincarnation to get rid of the curse that his trait had almost become. Now, Kai is in a world where people breathe fire and fart thunder!


Warning: I'm still playing with the idea of a female and submissive Orochimaru and if you don't think fem Orochi is a waifu with a long tongue and a quirk of swallowing things then... welp.

The harem and r18 stuff will happen later because I generally write them after developing a few things but the work is at a fast pace in the terms of mc's strength and growth.

Slight AU.


I do not own the cover pic, credits to the creator. If you want me to take it down, I will.

Accelerated Growth Based on an Anime Beautiful Female Lead Bickering Couple Bloodlines Crazy Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Harem-seeking Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Ninjas Perverted Protagonist Playful Protagonist Shameless Protagonist Transported into Another World
Table of Contents 228
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Table of Contents
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    Status: the winning gambit

    As long as the story continues the quality and story telling I have had the pleasure to read up to chapter 21, this will be one of the top 3 for Naruto ff. As long as the [lemons/smut] stays off screen, this will continue to to be a 5 star story, if it goes on the porn route like some Naruto's do, then I will make it a 3 stars and stop reading. Now then to the main points...... Writing quality is top notch with almost no mistakes..... The system the MC has is easy to follow and in fact you can totally ignore it and it will not impact your reading pleasure! The MC is a likable character from a parallel world [not ours] and has NO knowlage of the story so its a fresh take. Anyway as long as there are 5 stars on my rating I highly recomend this to you!

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: promotion (3)

    Not the worst system in the naruto world (certainly better than the Gamer system), but... the author writes very boring.

    - There is almost no humor in the work. 

    - No exciting battles.

    - The author has a very strange style of writing. Some sentences just don't make sense to me. It's like someone translated Chinese with a machine translator.

    - The author is trying to get into the politics of the Naruto world... Firstly, all politics chapters are POVs (without any participation of the mc). And secondly, it's very boring. Whole chapters on the elders' chatter.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: cambush (2)

    a very high quality fan-fic, definitely worth reading. If your still reading the reviews your already wrong read the book its worth it.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: the dragon rises (1)

    One of the best Naruto fanfics. The relationship developments between most girls and the MC seem natural, though some girls seem pretty redundant like they were just added for the sake of expanding his harem.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: one step at a time (3)

    Good AU, fleshed out characters and most conversations not involving the MC seem real.I'd recommend this if not for the MC


    He starts a new life, his 'limiter' on his emotions is removed, then he kills someone in cold blood and isnt affected because "he did it before when he didnt have emotions". Now, I'm pretty sure most people know you can't logic away emotions, well, not with much success anyways. So, instead of a MC who starts 'feeling' again, and even having horrible nightmares due to actions in his past life, we get a mostly apathetic, horny MC who focuses on the 'grind'. No character development, no moral dilemmas, nothing. 


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: masked maiden (1)

    Its a good intersting story. 

    The author alter some here and there and its intersting

    But the alteration of basic thing is a turn off for me

    Like how the author explain yin and yang seems to be the exact opposite of the manga (idk if im the one whos wrong)

    And the age is cofusing.


    Tsunade is 50 to 51 in naruto that means she is 39 to 40 when naruto is born naruto born when minato was 24 but now minato is in his teenz but author said that tsunade is in her late 30 idk if he mean biological age (since ninjutsu and all) but its cofusing for me.


    For me personally I dont care if you change the story beyond recognition but the world rule, power, and basic data that is known must not be changed since it wont be naruto fanfic otherwise 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c115

    A very enjoyable read. I didnt expect to be this engrossed in a fanfiction. The grind attitude really sold it to me. 5/5

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chimera cursed seal (1)

    A good read, so much deviations from the original timeline and that's what supposed to happen if the MC is ambitious mf.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c106 revolutionary (2)


    I was reading this while I had a 2000 word essay deadline at midnight that I had just started on the the day of submission. So like I would read 5 chapters in between my periods of work as a break. Unfortunately I took too many breaks and this is one of those stories where you struggle to only read 4-5 chaps at a time. So being the idiot that I am, I read 8-9 chaps during my breaks and was cutting it really close to deadline time. With 40 minutes to spare though I managed to tidy up my bibliography and sent off the essay. Then... I found out the real deadline was actually the day after : (


    The takeaway from my reading experience? This is some really good stuff! Like, one of the better naruto fanfics I've read in a while. This is definitely one of my daily reads. What I love about this is how skippable all the grinding is (jk tho I kind of am only here for the character interactions hehe). But no, what I mean to say is everything is written really well and clearly, and while I might skip all that rpg stuff, I'm very aware of how strong the MC is in relation to others which is satisfying. 

    Another standout point is character interactions. MC starts out quite young, but the author uses this really well to slowly build up the harem-y atmosphere. It's definitely not Pokémon collecting and it's quite satisfying as a reader of the good and the bad in harem tales. (It's not instant gratification but he will eventually get laid in like c100. And no he's not a horny brat. Well he's a brat who makes dirty jokes but he's got self-control). 

    One thing that has started but I hope there is more emphasis on romance-wise is buttering up tsunade. I think when he 


    became the legacy guardian

    tsunade sort of just saw him as more responsible and made him a partner candidate. But I'd like a bit more by way of seducing her going forward maybe ? Idk what I'm on about though. 

    Great work author. I might just have to check out your other novels soon! They are definitely on my reading list! 

    Update: just caught up to c113 and I am very satisfied hehe ;) just Want to clarify all that technical rpg stuff isn't for me but but many readers will enjoy that stuff so don't worry about my earlier comments about skipping.

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