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/ Series / (Hiatus) Erotic Tower — 100 Floors of Lust
(Hiatus) Erotic Tower — 100 Floors of Lust
(Hiatus) Erotic Tower — 100 Floors of Lust
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Your eyes open to an unknown ceiling. The rat squeals and drops of water give you a faint hint regarding your location, but not why you are there. Your memories betray you, unwilling to share even your own name. But as you're lost in thoughts, a voice eventually speaks— a girlish one at that.

It tells of a hundred floors, a challenge you wished to partake in. The damp prison cell is no more than a temporary sanctuary from the dangers you are about to face, she says. Though, It has no effect on the stale, lewd stench that protrudes the walls of stone, but by the time you realise she lied it is too late.

You have been robbed of your memories, and your life begins afresh. The owner of the voice suggests that you forget your former self and only focus on what's to come. A reward worthy of your struggles lays on the last floor of the tower— and she tells it is a wish.

Will you be able to fight your lust and escape the tower, or will the tower enthral you into wishing to return inside?

( Interactive story where readers decide what happens next.)

AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyGender BenderHaremMatureRomanceSmut
Adventurers Beastkin Beasts Cross-dressing Fantasy Creatures Futanari Game Elements Handjob Human-Nonhuman Relationship Humanoid Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Monster Girls Monsters Nudity Paizuri R-18 RPG Sex Friends Shapeshifters Slaves Tentacles Trap
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