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/ Series / Against The World, All Alone? (Harry Potter SI)
Against The World, All Alone? (Harry Potter SI)
Against The World, All Alone? (Harry Potter SI)
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4.1 (33 ratings)
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If you like to read a fast-paced story, this is not for you, sorry. It has decent action, grammar is decent, there can be some pronoun issues, but they are unintentional (I know where to use he and she) and there is HAREM.

And do follow me and my other stories.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexander Ashbridge had everything he could possibly ask for. Loving parents, a cute younger twin sister and a peaceful life. But before he could even feel content, everything changed overnight. Enemies of his parents found them. To save their children, Mr and Mrs Ashbridge fought to the bitter end. Alex was forced to flee with his sister. Having no idea of the fate of his parents, Alex devoted himself to his sister and his revenge.

With me, follow the journey of Alex and his sister from being presumed to be muggles to Hogwarts and his revenge on the unknown enemy.

The cover is not mine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Chapter update after first 10 chapters: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Regular updates on [email protected]:

ActionAdultAdventureFanfictionFantasyHaremSchool LifeSlice of Life
Harry Potter
Abandoned Children Absent Parents Adopted Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Fantasy World Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Magic Master-Servant Relationship Older Love Interests Popular Love Interests Revenge
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Table of Contents
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    New mukkaar
    Status: chapter – 8.3: sorting and the siblings (...

    I have to say, this is quite subjective review, but I just really don't like how the story is going. Somehow MC, who is 7 years old was made a slave, even though there would have been many people that are much better options, I suspect I know who the master is already (though I might be wrong) but even then it really doesn't make sense.

    But ultimately it comes down to this, MC has annoying/bad personality, well more like lack of personality, he's block of wood that has basically two emotions, some care for his sister and irritation. And worst of all he's content to be slave and even shows subservient behavior in other situations too, well that's probably third emotion/trait he has. He's just very unlikable all around.

    If you don't mind these things, story could develop to be quite nice as story is written fairly well, but for me this is it.  And I just don't buy that this guy would get girls by anything but author forcing it to happen, so harem is kinda weird. That said there's also tag for slice of life so story could develop to be even worse as that tag usually means just bad drawn out boring story.

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    Status: chapter – 6.2: with the unfortunate wand,...

    The novel is pretty good, if a little low on chapters. Grammar is perfectly fine and the pacing is pretty good. I can't tell how the portrayal of cannon characters because they have yet to be introduced. The only thing I have to say is


    the characters are giving Hogwarts invitations at 14 and not 11

    . Overall this novel is very good so far. I only wish it had more chapters.

    So at (Chapter 9.3) the portrayal of cannon characters is good, though there will be changes due to the interactions with the MC. The novel is going to good places. I only wish it got updated faster, but I am cheap so no patron chapters for me.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c14

    First I would like to say that the tag harem seeking protag is a lie, the protag is anti social so far, it's more girls going after him than him trying to get their attention, so far the history tries to give the impression that the MC is a badass but he does nothing yet, I get it that he doesn't what to stand out from others but I would think that saying that he is a good student and that he gains points for his house is not that much dificult or attention seeking if he did.


    Him having 3 wands makes no sense to me, Olivanders has no reason to help a pre teen get an unautorized wand for no reason, also it's not like most witches and wizards ask each other about their wands, it's more like plot armor against investigations in the futureAlso, Snape being his master makes no reason, I really hope in the future when we know more about his past and family this makes more sense, because if not it's just more plot armor

    I really want to see how the interactions with the MC and his sister will affect the trio dinamics since now hermione has other friends... Also I don't believe no one from his house that's filled with ambition would stay away from him if he demonstrate his competence, I really hope the MC shows more emotional maturity when talking with others instead of just showing that he has an adult mindset and his peers are beneath him.

    Anyway, well written..

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