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/ Series / Soul Summoner in Isekai
Soul Summoner in Isekai
Soul Summoner in Isekai
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When Anno woke up, he came to Angomulos, a different world where humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and demons coexist. The aborigines of another world are often attacked by monsters and suffer unspeakably. Humans can pray to God and choose one of the six professions of warrior, knight, priest, mage, hunter, and thief. However, the gods of the six professions did not respond to Anno, making him bear the name of [God Forsaken]. But Anno has the talent [Sacrifice Spirit], killing monsters can get monster souls and summon monsters to assist in battle. You can also learn summoning skills by consuming monster souls! [Kill Slime, get Slime Soul 1] [Sacrifice Slime Skin, Summon Slime to help fight] Consume Slime Soul 100, learn [Acid Jet]. The summoned succubus, the contracted wolf girl, the follower dragon... Anno, who claims to be the seventh professional summoner, opened an adventurer's guild in a different world, competing with mercenaries, fighting with nobles, Fighting with the Demon King's Army...

Adventurers Alternate World Character Growth Cosplay Dreams Souls Special Abilities Succubus Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Transported into Another World
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