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/ Series / The Storms Monarch is an Extra
The Storms Monarch is an Extra
The Storms Monarch is an Extra
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4.1 (60 ratings)
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A novel where the protagonist is an absolute pushover, yet every women he meets seems to fall in love with him.

He wins by sheer luck despite being strong himself, yet he spares those he defeated just for them to come back stronger than before.

Arrogant nobles that are jealous of his strength and harem are everywhere, yet he humiliates them without suffering any political backlash.

And I, Theodore Gray, lived in a world precisely based on such a novel as a mere extra that wasn't even mentioned once.

Although I had no intention to interfere with the plotline since it would only mean suffering for me, I was already too entangled in it to back out now.


WARNING: I cannot stress this enough. If you don't like confusing stuff and MC killing innocents (adults and/or children) (not senselessly of course), then this novel is clearly not for you.

If you're here for the GB tag then you'll have to wait until chapter 76 until you somewhat get what you want.

(Expect 2k - 3k words per chapter)

Discord where I notify you of new chapters and post spoilers for my novel:

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Table of Contents
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    Status: 93 - Dinner with the pushover

    The concept of an extra trasmigrating/reincarnating into a novel/game is nothing new, but the author gave his own unique spin on it. Although some story arcs seem to drag on just a little (I'm looking at you, volume 4) [Edit at chapter 93: Okay I take back what I said. Volume 4 had just turned into the best thing I've read in a while]

    The grammar of this novel is good enough. It's readable and there are not many mistakes. True to what the author said, the first 20 chapters or so have subpar writing. But I like that I can see him improve with each chapter. (He also said that he will revise the first and second volume, so that's that I guess)

    Now onto the characters. They are... hit or miss. Some characters like Theodore and Eleanor are really well-done. (though Theodore - the MC's personality shifts back and forth a few times but I guess there's an in-universe explanation for it?). Some... not so much. I think that the author added more characters than he can handle since some don't even have any screen time at all like Evelyn and after-volume-1 Krista. (But that remains to be seen. He can develop their characters later for all I know)

    The MC - Theodore Gray, is not the strongest, nor is he the smartest. The best way I can describe him is that he's the 'second-best' at everything he thinks he does best, and is above average at everything else. I like seeing him actually using his knowledge of the novel to solve problems. 

    Also, he has very little plot armor >:)

    The story is interesting. Spoiler here:


    You got 1 (or 3?) regressors, 1 transmigrator, and one cynical 16-year-old kid (the MC) who got the memories of the transmigrator. The best thing is you get to see how they interact.

    I considered dropping the novel when I got to the chapter where the MC kills the orphan but I'm glad I stuck with it.


    Overall, the story is one of the best I've seen when it focused on the MC trying to keep the novel's plot and interact with the original protagonist and heroines. The story fell a bit when the author stray away from his already well-established characters (I'm still looking at you, volume 4) [Edit: Volume 4 had just turned good, but my point still stands. It turns good only after the POV changes back to the MC], but it still remained intriguing enough to keep me reading.

    ===The section below is my personal opinion, take it with a grain of salt===

    Sound-effects, onomatopoeia, or whatever you want to call it. It still breaks immersion for me. It's good that the author uses them a bit sparingly in normal chapters, but he uses them a lot in combat-heavy chapters. [Edit: He uses them less now, even in combat chapters. An author actually listening to the reviews!!!!???? What kind of black magic witchcraftery is this!?]

    There's no Harem tag in the novel. The author claimed in the comments that this story is not a harem. And he keeps his words. Somewhat, anyways. It's borderline harem in some of the interactions (especially when a good chunk of important and side characters right now is female) but the MC is cynical enough toward them at least for me. Also, the number of girls that hates him (because of his own actions he took out of his own volition) is much higher than the number of girls that likes him (I can think of 3 on the top of my head right now)

    And I also like that he adds some references to popular web novels (though most of them are KR novels for some reasons)


    Overall, great read. I recommend. Good luck on your future writing, Author.

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    Status: 93 – dinner with the pushover

    Theo is not perfect like most cool  MCs in Korean or Chinese novels and stories. The guy has flaws he knows about and doesn't, some he tries to fix... Some he will have to. 

    The guy isn't like those I wanna be alone but ends up with a harem type.... At least no harem signs yet.

     Hell I think the reason he seems unstable is because he doesn't have anybody to be honest with. 

    To bad both outside forces and his own personality renders him unable to. 

    The only ones that know him best are his enemies or those who use him. 

    But He ain't a indecisive JP cuck... Or a CN Nihilistic sociopath. So that makes him 90% better than most MCs. His more of a self aware KR MC. 

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    Status: 97 – auction

    One of the best Storys I have read on here so far!

    Plot: 4.7/5


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    Status: 76 – araceli and the inquisitor [2]

    This novel started out really good.  However, I am going to drop it because it is just not enjoyable.  In fact the last chapter I read is downright distressing.

    While the whole thing is rife with grammar and spelling errors that doesn't bother me too much.  Such things can be overlooked when it is still obvious what is trying to be portrayed.  It is distracting but not enough to make it unreadable.

    The first arc makes is exactly like the synopsis.  Theodore uses memories from some strange ritual that was supposed to replace him with his grandfather to accomplish his goals. There were a couple rough parts like the goblin village but they were over quickly enough to not really be too much of a bother.

    The first 'speedbump' as the saying goes would be sylvia's arc. It is important to note that straying away from the main character's perspective causes readers to be much less forgiving. Sylvia's mini arc contains things that most everyone would find hard to stomach.


    1.) Loss of agency

    2.) Diabolus ex Machina

    3.) Torture

    4.) Killing of children


    I didn't enjoy it but figured things would get better.  However, more of the same kept popping up.  I was hoping things would get less painful... but it didn't.

    There was a big POV shift to an unknown character.  It felt like the Sylivia arc all over again only with someone who isn't one of the heroines that are connected to Arthur.  I was hoping it would be only a chapter or two but I was wrong.  If Sylvia's arc is the speed bump then Araceli's is a sink hole in the middle of the road.

    I figured I'd skip ahead.  However, I thought the same thing about the Sylivia stuff and realized that if I can't stomach the content I should just stop.  

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    Status: c133

    5/5 Story, loving it so far 

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