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/ Series / i realized i am powerful after 50 years of seclusion
i realized i am powerful after 50 years of seclusion
i realized i am powerful after 50 years of seclusion
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Zhao Ning was transported to an immortal world as a mortal with no powers no cultivation talent just a useless system that gave him a house on the mountains and a maid who calls him an immortal for some reason after 50 years of seclusion he realizes that he has not aged and that is when he realizes he is an eternal god

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Alchemy Carefree Protagonist Cultivation Dao Comprehension Early Romance Fast Cultivation Fast Learner God Protagonist Multiple Realms Overpowered Protagonist System Administrator Time Skip Yandere
Table of Contents 12
  1. new talentsJun 30, 2022
  2. new tasksJun 27, 2022
  3. long talkJun 26, 2022
  4. great masterJun 26, 2022
  5. just who is heJun 25, 2022
  6. new lifeJun 24, 2022
  7. the new houseJun 24, 2022
  8. better lifeJun 23, 2022
  9. new worldJun 23, 2022
  10. weird first meetingJun 23, 2022
  11. the cultivation levels [SPOILERS]Jun 23, 2022
  12. i am a new authorJun 23, 2022
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