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Reborn As The Villain
Reborn As The Villain
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3.7 (103 ratings)
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I was walking to the convenience store and the next moment I knew, I was inside the villain's body!?

What is going on!?

This world is known as the world of Star Fantasy, a popular MMORPG that dominated the gaming charts. Tournaments were held all over the world to celebrate the success of this game.

The top ten guilds were invited for every tournament to recruit new talent for their teams. Liam was part of the third strongest guild in Star Fantasy. 

He suddenly woke up as the son of one of the strongest knights in the empire.

Arnold von Berkley, who was destined to become one of the greatest villains in the story.

He must find out if there are more of him out there. Was he the only one summoned? If so, how can he avoid his inevitable death? 

By eliminating his death flags!

Advance chapters are on Patreon for those who read on RoyalRoad and Webnovel.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureTragedy
Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Cheats Conditional Power Dark Doting Love Interests Dungeons Empires Evil Organizations Famous Parents First-time Intercourse Game Elements Gamers Hated Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Transported Individuals Murders Near-Death Experience Personality Changes Slow Growth at Start Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c11

    Inconsitencies, so damn many inconsitencies! Day one player, who took part in the closed beta, of a game that's been out years ago but hasn't played the full story!? Your average gamer finds himself in a gaming world that has become reality, but sends away one of the (supposedly) strongest mages in the world instead of keeping her at his side to bolster his own power!? Then that same mage gets suddenly missing and MC learns that she's being targeted, he goes to find her but ends up in the adventurers guild and thinks about looking for fu**ing quests!?

    Yeah no. This has nothing to do with the MC not being as villainous as a true villain, or anything of the sort. Though I have my qualms about him playing the role too much like he studied the character he inhabits now... which makes no sense to me by the way. In fact that is exactly it, nothing here makes sense. More over the exposition for world building is done in an arbitrary way. The Author mentions the MC's DOP status far too often, in scenarios where him being DOP or the like has no real meaning. 

    So the MC has been in the game from Day One (including the Beta), had a level capped character and was part of the 3rd guild in the Top 10. With that said, there is no mention of him being a sucker for the game lore. He has not played through the whole story (even though the game had been out for years...) but SOMEHOW he's played the DLC (!?) and knows and remembers everything of note? Maybe if he had played through the game multiple times, the game being an MMORPG by the way, but the only character mentioned is his max level mage.

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    Status: chapter 34 part 2

    the character  personality is a mess:

    In chapter where they buy a sword for luke, he describe something like a noble with a indifferent personality (he is always calm and collected) but when they met Prince Jurius, suddenly he become violent heck he even describe as a thug when he ate, but when he is figthing he is always clean like nothing happen, and that is pretty much a hole. Autbor you are contradicting yourself please stick to one personality, don't make the MC be a person he is not.

    And in the last chapter I read, which is the chapter where the boy inquisitors fought the MC. His speech is total thug speech.

    He is annoying, arrogant and a dirty person and that's how you described him contradicting on how you described him in buying luke  sword situation.

    Also the pretty much obvious plot hole is, where he knows almost all of Arnold past is also suspicious. Even if he read it, it's still did not much make sense how he knows his step mothers, sisters, brothers and some sht about the history of the family of Arnold. The example of it is how the hell he knows that the previous lord of their house adored collecting magic items when he did not even have Arnold memory.

    Over all I rated this 3. Considered this pretty good review because I think this is pretty much just a 2 star but well mehh. Thats it, hope my comment help

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    16 Likes · Like

    First, I would like to say the English was really good, much better than what I can come up with. So author do deserve some praise for it.

    Now the complaints -

    MC strength just keep fluctuating even through he don't train at all. 

    Every fight depends more on luck rather than pure power. Like catching your opponents off-guard or having high rank skills and items.

     Example- Luke defeating MC without any prior training or MC surviving  against Lancelort or MC winning against Felix Gang Leader. 

     His thought process is also weird.

     He knows about how dangerous  world is, but he don't seem to have any plans or intention of becoming strongest. Not being strongest is also fine but he just want to stay in his city while earning money with his knowledge.

     He sometimes mention death flags but don't seem to really care about them.

     He don't have Arnold memories, but knows too much to not have them. He can act like him so nicely that not even those who were with him since he was born can't figure out anything.

     MC keep throwing major females characters at his adopted brother, the hero of the game even through he is infamous as a womanizer but no one finds it weird. What is this logic man? And what's with the introvert like Vampire Lord ? Her inner talk was so innocent like she was just transmigrated. For f**k sake, she has been with subordinates who can't stop praising her for years and conquered a city and caused a country to be ruined. 

    Better question, why does she even exist? She said only one Vampire Lord can exist at a time. So, she as someone who just transmigrated. How did she defeat the old Vampire Lord. Since I am sure between someone with unknown time (cause we don't even know for how many centuries old Vampire Lord was in existence) of experience and an inexperienced person, the one with experience will win. The other can only win with the blessing of some godly luck.

     This again proves my point that fights don't depend on pure power but luck and other things. 

    Another thing is I don't get why the MC is so random. His relations aren't particularly good with....... just anyone. Nor is MC trying to mend them. He isn't close to anyone. He has crush on Victoria and wants to marry her or settle with her but isn't making any move on her.

     His s*x slave Lauran who hated him was saved by him and then thrown at game's hero, his adopted brother as his maid. I don't know how she didn't die during the time she was kidnapped.

    The imperial princess who is a sure  overpowered talented death flag if left be is ignored even when he can easily mend their relation. 

    MC just don't focus on  anything, hell he don't plan in advance at all. All is left to fate. 

    Edit - I reread the thing and found that fight scenes at least of MC are actually logical and not like I thought. 

    On the other hand I still can't understand MC personality and his actions/thoughts look random to me but the Vampire......I still don't like her. She just shouldn't exist.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 11: member of serz

    I don't want to call stuff out too early but as far as I can see, this story is goddamn good. Kudos for having good grammar, which makes the series smooth to read- but more importantly, the world is pre interesting- it is a typical fantasy setting but I don't mind if it's similar, as long as I can see the world is thought, which I feel it is. The plot is pre-exciting, for me at least and the characters are solid. Our MC is clever and knows what he's doing when he acts as a villain and though he is overpowered (at least stated so) that hasn't really affected the plot as of now, and I hope the author keeps it that way. The MC is strong, but not overpowered because he has greater obstacles to face, namely his future death flags- that's how I like it. It's also nice how the author thought through some characters, like the family dynamics and the side character's motivations.I doubt this is everyone's cup of tea, but it is defo mine. If you like a well-thought-out world and story with well-thought-out characters who aren't OP-protags-for-no-reason, try this out, you might like it as well. I'm gonna keep at this story and hope it doesn't break apart by ch 50 or smth, and to the author- keep up the good work, I like this story quite a bit and excited to see it progress.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 62: justification

    I just want to say that the quality of this free novel is in the top 20% of the novels on scribblehub. The writing style is pleasing to the ears. The speed of content is very satisfying. I also find plot of the novel interesting.

    To the people who 1 starred this novel cause of plot holes they can't overlook. Make something better. If you can't then you get 0 stars as a human being because your sh*t also stinks. You can't see anything positive? Really trash people. I feel ashamed that my rating gets equal weight as those people.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 37: spirit beast neguard

    I like it, it's very good I don't know why it has a bad rating

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 34 part 2

    Forget the idiotic people who dislike the story because they can't insert themselves or because the MC isn't some cringe villain like they thought. This story didn't seem like much as first (as with many of the author's first works) but it became bigger as it expanded the world. Sure, there isn't too much going on in volume 1 but 


    Volume 2 is much bigger in many ways. Hoping that volume 3 is the same

    . I liked how the MC doesn't have ridiculous plot armor. 

    He literally almost died by Lancelot's hands despite him getting a new powerup. But luckily the dark elf big sister saved him.


    I'm hoping to see more from this story in the future. It's a shame that the author's other works (His first story being Dark Legacy in particular) hadn't received much praise but I can honestly say that those were stepping stones.  

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    Status: chapter 8: fallen princess

    This is one of the most unjustifiable plot for a transmigration story, since

    1. He tries to maintain the character persona
    -well this could be ok, but the author had pointed out there are changes noticed by the characters, thus a more drastic change could be carried out instead of this half-ass attempt

    2. Character
    -He himself is trying to increase the power level of the hero party by equipment & matching them together, this is done with complete disregard of his personal human interest.

    -He shows confidence and cowardly attitude at the same time, its like a spit personality that has an on and off switch for the sake of the plot

    -He is supposed to be a very strong beta player, and is supposed to have played the DLC, yet he didn't finish the main story, this itself is contradictory for buying the DLC in the first place, since it is supposed to be bought after you finish the storyline

    3. Villain Status
    -poorly executed, a Simp that leaves a bad aftertaste, I tried reading it pass chapter 2 & reached chapter 8, but it is just not my cup of tea. This is just worse than those fan girls Korean & Chinese novels

    though I have seen worse than this one

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 47: imposter

    Story is ok but the plot is all over the place. 

    MC has alot of important things to do, but he decide to go on a quest as an adventure for FUN.... wtf

    MC is a beta simp for the hero. Give his girls and resource to hero to make the hero stronger.

    MC system is useless and only appears when MC is going to die.

    Some of the characters personality changes, not constant.

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    Status: chapter 23

    I wanna say that the story was below average as a reincarnated villain genre.

     Not because he is not evil but because he is just not that likeable yet he makes major mistakes yet kept acting like the villain. But that is the not worst one, it is still understandable why he does that but the next one isn't. Why would other characters suddenly kinda forgive him or he becomes mysterious even though "he" raped a lot of women, you even mentioned a village girl. The worst one is when that archmage descendant still saw something in the "old him" like wow you made him do so much truly vile sh*t in the beginning yet kept doing the "oh he can be saved" stuff. 

    Unlike other MCs in the reincarnated villain genre this villain was truly vile. He ain't just killing people, he wasn't just trash, he rapes and tortures them as well. That should have never been slightly forgivable for the victims. For them to even have the slightest hope is stupid. And this is the difference, other characters in other novels actually have a reason as to why the villain can be forgiven while this one just makes the dumbest excuses for that.

    Sorry for the rant now onto the better part

    The other reincarnators. Unlike other reincarnated player novels this is the only one where there are other reincarnated players and they make waves in the story. I am looking forward to this. 

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