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The Marine
The Marine
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4.5 (73 ratings)
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Old, frail, and dying in his bed, William Bullock is pulled into an adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

Follow along as a member of America's 'Silent Generation' falls into a world he has no knowledge of and lays witness to events beyond anything he could imagine while on Earth.

What to expect?
A more realistic approach to power and the Marines in the world of One Piece.

What not to expect?
Harem, Plot-Induced Stupidity, Low IQ Major Antagonist, Instant OP MC, Purposeful Weakening of Characters to Make MC Look Good.

ActionAdventureFanfictionIsekaiMartial ArtsSeinen
One Piece
Calm Protagonist Childhood Friends Military Power Struggle Strong to Stronger
Table of Contents 209
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    Status: c42.1

    Genuinely, and without hyperbolic blowing smoke, this fan fic is a damn good read. Despite the rightful stigma of fan fic being unoriginal and painfully wish fulfillment, this story only takes the the setting and runs away to the story entirely different from Luffy's own. The plot isn't just the same mindless power-up garbage you read with only two brain cells. I used all ten of mine, a record for me btw.


    1. Excellent narrative and dialouge, the author knows how humans talk and more so that theyre not all the same "flavor" of speech that oh so becomes monotonous and one dimensional. Aka bad guy talk dialect, good guy dialect that anyone above ten years old can deconstruct and therefore spoil character directions for themselves due to bad writing.

    2. The change of pov from the protagonist ADDS to the narrative rather than irritatingly taking away. If you don't at least "care" for the other main cast you'll at least care about what they're doing due to the fact they're expanding the one piece world more than the protagonist can himself (that's a good thing, the protagonist isn't an all-knowing god).

    3. The Protag is op to 90% of the population (as of recent ch. 42.1) but WILL and has suffer injures and minor defeats that defines the protagonist's character. Good "Superman" like characters shouldn't be given problems to see if they CAN solve them but rather HOW they solve them. The author thus far fully shows and understanding of this archetype character principle. Making the main character power AND interesting to read. Props where due

    4. The author has a plan/direction for the story mentally and or written already. The point is a "no duh?" For most people, but how many stories are started a couple chapters and never continued? This story thus far knows what it is and the author clearly knows and has direction for it, elevating the whole story.


    (because people look for the slightest bad when things look too good to be true)

    1. Minor grammatical issue that a spell check should very easily change and fix misspelled words and phrase I barely noticed. I'm not the best at grammar (dyslexia and all) but this story is 99.9% intelligible unlike a lot other stories on cite.

    2. The Protagonist, Bill Ox, is a man out time like Captain America, except instead seedy/corrupt but mostly "good" U.S, he's in a world whereby the world government is liken (even in the story somewhat) to a VERY homicidal, genocidal, aristocratic, plutocratic regime built with and upon slaves labour as is in canon. There is NO WAY someone like how Bill is portrayed could and would support such systems. Which if handled even slightly wrong could tank the whole story for most people. Evening having the protagonist turn a blind eye, "see no evil hear nor evil" would make me stop reading if there isn't a damn good reason.

    Conclusion: And that's about it, while the story may seem troupe-y at the start by the 3rd to 5th chapter the story fully becomes its own. I highly suggest giving this story a go even if you don't know or like One Piece as this story is definitely not canon and stands on its own two legs. See Ya!

    P.s anyone uncomfortable with early Christian elements coming from the MC should known that while the story talks about the religion, it's always been in context of the MC (who was raised and born in a very religious/spiritual era the 1910-30s) and his world view. Of which when reincarnated even disavow a little, joking about how "the damn Buddhist got it right." So no worries about scripture being written haphazardly in wildy painfully ways. It's mentioned like two or three times then not again for dozens of chapters. It just good character crafting fortunately, no cringe-fests. And prop to the author for that tact.

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    31 Likes · Like
    Status: cruluka island 83

    Let me say that this is one of the best fanfics I have ever read up there with Borne of Caution. The writing is top tier and it is better than typical wish fulfillment and is more in line with an actual novel that just happens to take place in a universe we all know. I was skeptical at first when Bill was adverse to devil fruits, thinking what is the point of being in one piece without it but the author has demonstrated knowledge of the lore and added a great twist that has allowed for him to use other powers that honestly are like devil fruits without the drawbacks. The story is interesting and fun, Bill is a cool main character that feels like a competent adult, and the fights are awesome! My only hope is that he does get some form of conquerors haki but the story is so good and the writer has instilled in me trust that however this story goes it will be amazing.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 49

    I'm actually surprised by this, the story got a great pacing and the interaction with each character have depth with nothing feeling forced

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c52

    This novel is a good read, it's unique and the author clearly put a lot of effort in this novel. The plot is original up to chapter 52. But this novel isn't my cup of tea, if you are someone who seeks some action, like me, then this novel isn't for you. I can count with 1 hand the total of battles this novel has after I read up to ch 52. This novel focuses on the dialogues between characters, the plot, and the character development, but not the battle. Also, to @rezenith, who said that the MC is op to 90% of the population at ch 42, you left out some important informations. Yes, if you include all the ordinary people in your "population", then yes he is OP. But, what I'm looking for is the comparison between MC and the villains of the story (ex : Sentomaru, CP9, etc). NO, he isn't that strong. At most, he is slightly weaker than CP9 rob lucci before time skip. So, don't think that our MC is very strong. I was lied by their comment

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c78

    Very well written, all the character personalities seem good and the dynamic between characters is also quite interesting. The story tries to depict the one piece world in a different perspective from unique standpoint of a marine.

    Overall I'd recommend this story to any one piece fan this s probably one of the best Op fanfiction on this site.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: marine recruit 27

    Writing is ok. But story is meh.

    MC no fruit no cheat. Just normal working out when young and marine techniques.

    Mostly training and talking, little action.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: strong world 136

    I highly recommend this novel but only for people who don't need a power fantasy to enjoy a fan fiction. 

    Yes the MC is very strong and seems like he'll reach Garp level or higher, but at chapter 136 he's only 23 years old and (probably) mid-Admiral tier.

    If you think of this more like an original story set in the One Piece world rather than a fan fiction... and don't expect the MC to go slap around all the famous manga pirates and know everything about canon, then it's very good.

    The writing is funny and surprisingly thought provoking... my one criticism is that the MC should be more ruthless with his power... not because I like antiheroes or whatever... but because his Marines have experienced a LOT of casualties and he could probably avoid them if he took more actions into his own hands.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: heart of gold 167

    This is the best fan fic of One Piece on this site. I feel it stays close to the spirit of the OG, it gives a good feel of adventure from a different point of view. Unlike the other fan fics it is not about smut and harems.

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