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/ Series / The Great Wolf Sleeps
The Great Wolf Sleeps
The Great Wolf Sleeps
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There has been a murder in Hollyhill town. Private Detective Hal Collins has been called to help, and this might just be his ticket to win back his pride after leaving the police force. If only the townspeople weren't so insane to keep talking about werewolves and other such nonesense. Though, when a drunkard with wolf ears ends up on his path, the detective might have to start calling himself insane too.

Boys LoveFantasyHorrorMatureMysterySupernatural
Abusive Characters Animal Characteristics Calm Protagonist Character Growth Child Abuse Crime Death Detectives Family Conflict Human-Nonhuman Relationship Investigations Male Protagonist Mystery Solving Protagonist Falls in Love First R-18 Teamwork Werebeasts
Table of Contents 6
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Table of Contents
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