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/ Series / Super-Soldier in Another World: Book Two: The Fiendwood
Super-Soldier in Another World: Book Two: The Fiendwood
Super-Soldier in Another World: Book Two: The Fiendwood
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Hoplite Thirty-Seven had thought he was going to die, that his long career of serving Terna and the Eighth Arm had come to an end after the antimatter bomb had detonated... Yet that had not been the case. Instead, he had ended up on a back-water world where nothing made sense.

Magic wasn't supposed to be real, neither were elves or other fantasy creatures... yet here on Ahkoolis, that was reality.

Stranded in a hostile environment he didn't understand, Hoplite will struggle to come to grips with his new surroundings as he seeks out the other survivors of The Sparrow... If any could be found.

Adventurers Cautious Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Determined Protagonist Dragons Dwarfs Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Genetic Modifications Knights Male Protagonist Orcs Transported into Another World
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      Status: c0 & c1

      I came across this story by coincidence on the main page and, as a big 40k nerd, I instantly clicked once I saw the cover that reminded me so much of a Space Marine. I am also writing a novel about a genetically modified soldier being sent into a fantasy world so this was a good surprise to see a similar novel getting started. I hope more cross-over between sci-fi and fantasy will get published, as it is my favorite kind of story but unfortunately, not enough novels of this kind exist. (it's not really sellable tho compared to isekai, gender bender, smut etc.)

      I enjoyed the first 2 chapters (or prologue and chap1 I guess) and I will most likely follow this novel. The writing is good, the scenes are well described and the plot is interesting enough to make you want to read more.

      Can't wait for the next chapters to come up. :)

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      Status: return to the bastion

      Story starts out fine... the newer chapters feel like fillers.  Usually you would try to space those out at least like every other chapter but it feels continuous. Grammar and spelling are fine. The overall structure is good. The characters are a little average.  One thing I have noticed, and is common with stories on this site, is how basic authors believe soldiers/warriors are.  To be good you have to have a good knowledge of the world and understand people, other creatures. You can’t command, fight, or kill enemies without that.  The MC just doesn’t have any hint of that in the story.  The concept is good though if we can just get some more character development and story progression.

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