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/ Series / After the End: Serenity
After the End: Serenity
After the End: Serenity
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4.5 (34 ratings)
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We all want to believe we are heroes of our own story - unless we want to be the villain, of course.

At the end of everything, the Final Reaper decided he hadn’t been a hero. Driven by a desire to right the wrongs he was subjected to, he killed everyone who wronged him or his people - which turned out to be everyone that wasn’t killed by someone else first. He'd won - but it was a hollow victory.

Eventually, Order’s Voice found a way out. If the only existing being would agree to give up most of his power, the Voice could reset the multiverse to an earlier time with a few minor changes. Of course, the Voice couldn't ask it that way. It could only ask if the Final Reaper was willing to start over from when Earth was first brought into Order.

It was an easy decision, and yet it wasn’t. Was he willing to go through eons of pain again to not be alone?

Yes. In a heartbeat.

Not that his heart beat anymore. Now it would. Perhaps he could even be a hero, this time.

When he landed in his old body - more or less - on Earth, the Final Reaper once again became Thomas. He was both and neither. He needed a new name for a new life.



While this is technically a System Apocalypse story, it's a System Apocalypse that is designed to have a large percentage of the population survive and prosper. There are a lot of problems that come with the appearance of the Voice, and it's entirely possible to lose. Earth has some special opportunities, but also special challenges.

The first time around, Earth won the first round and lost the second. Serenity has ten years from when the Voice arrives to prevent that from happening. It will be a group effort; Serenity can't win alone - which is difficult for someone who's been alone for as long as he has.

Of course, that's only his second priority.


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A note on the nonhuman lead tag: He isn't human, and hasn't been human for a very, very long time (or maybe not long at all, depending on how you count it). He still thinks of himself as human, either way.

The content warnings are mostly to give me room to write; this fiction is not intended to be edgy, but once in a while a character will swear or someone will get seriously injured.

The cover image is a Chandra/Hubble composite image of VV 340 / Arp 302 / UGC 9618. While we're not going to space itself any time soon in the story, people from elsewhere are coming to Earth and Serenity will visit other planets. Plus, I like space imagery.

Adventurers Alternate World Appearance Changes Awkward Protagonist Confident Protagonist Dungeon Master Dungeons Earth Invasion Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Heroes Honest Protagonist Identity Crisis Modern Fantasy Non-human Protagonist Quiet Characters Quirky Characters Saving the World Second Chance Time Paradox
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    Status: c400

    Fair would be 2 stars, since the story sucks at the important parts. Progression isn't earned by the MC, its always something that happens to him. Also, his powers fluctuate in effectiveness, as in one encounter he manages to beat an opponent way above his level only to later be taken out by a poisoned dart, or being suddenly nerfed by some kind of easily avoidable injury. Also, the MC just loves to juggle idiot balls at every opportunity. 

    The author comments are another problem, as they are used to try to explain away glaring logic issues in the corresponding chapter, instead of just writing the information in the chapter itself. The author also writes out character motivations and potentially vital information in those author notes instead of the actual story, which makes characters often feel flat and disrupts the flow of reading. 

    If the author would exchange the unearned progression with actual fights, not include so many pointless tangents and stop nerfing the MC constantly, this story would easily earn the score I gave it. 

    I want this story to be rewritten as something worthwhile. 

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 725 – to slip by

    I really want to enjoy this book, but MC’s extremely inconsistent power levels and abilities just makes me enjoy this less. Also the idea that he somehow has no idea who some people when he clearly should’ve known about them since he killed them in his past??? Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but MC seems extremely inconsistent, as well as the world system itself. He is stated to have 20x more powerful stats than Raz (who I am using as a baseline human), but somehow has difficulty fighting people that very clearly shouldn’t be 20x more powerful than he is. Also the idea that at 800 stats in all physical attributes means that his jog is equal to a person with 1’s in their physiques sprint just doesn’t make sense.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c22

    5 stars for me. I suck at reviews but I wanted this here so people wouldn't skip this story because of the lack. 

    Honestly not sure how this is here with so many chapters and no review. So far I'm liking it, descriptive, good grammar. Feels a bit slow here in the beginning with a so far op MC (that doesn't feel insane op), but that's not something bad. MC seems to have trouble connecting with people but is slowly learning how to be social again. I look forward to binging and catching up.

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    3 Likes · Like
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