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/ Series / Half a Demon Lord’s Journey
Half a Demon Lord’s Journey
Half a Demon Lord’s Journey
70.2k Views 2555 Favorites 220 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 562 Readers
3.7 (36 ratings)
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Table of Contents 220
  1. Yep.Mar 28, 2023
  2. DiscordMay 4, 2023
  3. 6.27.May 3, 2023
  4. 6.26.May 2, 2023
  5. 6.25.May 1, 2023
  6. 6.24.Apr 27, 2023
  7. 6.23.Apr 26, 2023
  8. 6.22.Apr 25, 2023
  9. New Series Teaser:Apr 25, 2023
  10. 6.21. Hero’s Side QuestApr 24, 2023
  11. 6.20.Apr 20, 2023
  12. 6.19.Apr 19, 2023
  13. 6.18.Apr 18, 2023
  14. 6.17.Apr 17, 2023
  15. 6.16. OverwhelmingApr 13, 2023
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      The pace is unnecessarily slow and development isn't very obvious if there is any. All I see is MC wanting revenge for his mother travering from orphanage to academy and experiencing a dungeon dive. Only other thing is addition of girls. Girls relations with MC and each other just keep getting complex and no one bothers to clarify their doubts and simplify their relation. Another thing is world stays unexplored and only characters relation are focused on. Every character is an overthinker and relations stay ever complex even when they are the only thing being explored. Novel has potential because of it's complexity but it is ruined by the same thing.

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      9 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c3.24.

      It is a great story with good character development and plot twists. The story is slow but it is the type of story that greatly benefits from it. You can understand why characters are doing it. Each main character has their own distinct qualities they aren't just a cheerleader for the protagonist. And now you think that I liked the story but there is a minus to it a very essential minus protagonist and his harem. You may ask what is the problem with them they have character development and so on. But the characters are very unlikeable. Let's begin with protagonist: at the start of the novel he was a very edgy lone wolf kinda character and mostly made me cringe but that is ok. The real problem comes when 2nd harem member is introduced and she is the worst character in the entire novel. She is the most hated female character I have seen for a while she begins to control the main character each of his decisions is based on her opinion even when he doesn't listen to her smth bad happens. This isn't the problem I was talking about the problem with her comes from the plot twist concerning her that should have made our character very angry at her or even hate her. But he just doesn't care ok I could just think about it as one time mistake but no she continues to manipulate him to make him her loyal dog. And at last, she cheats on him. Yeah just cheats with a woman but cheats nonetheless. He knows and just doesn't care And when he realizes that his third harem member loves him he says " I still didn't ask permission for the first member".

      Author, please make them likable. 

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      7 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c0

      I Like the story line so far, it's original not a lot of writers have tried writing about half demons seeking revenge on their fathers, I like the fact that when I have work and it's lunchtime you post the chapters it calms me down after a stressful time with my coworkers. Keep up the good work 馃巻

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      4 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c3.18.

      Great story! I especially like the relationship of our imperfect protagonist with his imperfect love intrests. In this story every main character has some kind of flaw and the story focuses on how they deal/overcome their problems. And most often times there is no easy solution to the problem only compromises.

      Overall If you like romance stories with interesting plot twists I would really recommend this novel to you.

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: story fragment: leticia estia

      Enjoyable read to be honest. The pacing is fine for me it鈥檚 not that slow. I hope the author doesn鈥檛 add too much harem members as it鈥檚 hard to remember their backgrounds. As of the chapter where I鈥檓 currently writing this review there is no clear end goal for the MC.

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: 2.10. academy life

      The story has been pretty interesting so far. It contains some unique variations to the humans vs. Demons setting and I look forward to seeing what direction the MC will choose to go in. The first volume has done a pretty good job building up the story and introducing the characters but the pacing isn鈥檛 too slow so it doesn鈥檛 get boring.

      All in all It鈥檚 an enjoyable read which I can definitely recommend.

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      2 Likes 路 Like

      Cannot recommend right now. 

      The grammar is poor and the author doesn't seem willing to correct the issues. 

      Not only that, the spacing is also poor in many chapters, which makes it hard to read and follow the story.

      I believe it may be used to extend the perceived length of the chapter?

      There are many robotic conversations, though that's most likely due to the poor grammar, and out of the blue perspective changes. The internal monologue is also random and jarring.


      The world is also very weird and inconsistent.

      A mixture of highly advanced schooling and a very good orphanage system, yet somehow being 2500 years behind us in mathematics. Not to mention the strong having no connections, wealth, or even anyone with ounce interest in them enough to prevent their offspring from being forced into a peasants orphanage. 

      Oh, let's not forget that our main character, who was born and lives in this world, understands Demon Lord vs Hero cliche's. Which is very subtle world building pointing towards books being accessible to peasants, or oral fantasy stories being common.


      The system is actually really good from what I understand.

      The premise, goal, and loose idea to achieve said goal all seem very interesting.

      Overall it has potential and I'd say it's an early rough draft. Hopefully the author gets around to fixing and filling it out in the future.

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      1 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c4.1

      sorry for the mistakes I'm not a native speaker

      There are only 2 things I didn't like...

      1. From the very beginning, this whole story with revenge seemed very doubtful to me, so all the chapters in which the MC is focused on revenge were just a prologue for me...

      2. Harem... Leticia is the best character in the harem, but her backstory influenced her personality and mental state too much...

      Schwii - she controls MC too much

      Evelyn - very similar to Schwii, it's just that Schwii was the first to start influencing the MC.

      There are a few girls that seem more interesting to me... Risa is definitely the best girl, it would be very interesting to watch the development of her relationship with the MC. Linzy - fluffy ears and tails? can you resist this? and she is rather sticky, she is also an Alpha and in general it is interesting how she would behave in this or that situation...

      Nynim is a rather unique character who helps here and there.

      Judy - just a good setting, petite teacher x student.

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