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/ Series / Cheat Awakening
Cheat Awakening
Cheat Awakening
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3.2 (62 ratings)
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A world where people awakened mysterious abilities called Skills to those who come of age of adulthood. The protagonist, Awakened three godly cheat skills, does he use them and rise to an existence called a hero or become a person who only cares about his own life. Let's find out together

Special Note: This story didn't end here or I dropped it in midway, I am still writing it, but for some reason I can't post it here, so if you want to read further chapters, you can either go to Webnovel site ( here chapters are lock ), or my Patreon page ( you can read free ).

[ A/N: This story contains sex material.]

[ A/N: I am not a native speaker of English, you might find some grammar mistakes in the story, so please bear it, I will try to reduce them as much as I can.]

[ A/N: If you found this novel on the web-novel site then, yes I don't copy this novel from there, that is my old account but just in a different name.
Happy Reading.]

Living in this World with Cut & Paste
Adultery Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Cheats Dark Demi-Humans Dungeons Dwarfs Fantasy World Level System Multiple POV Nudity Overpowered Protagonist R-18
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 72. fun in the capital...

    This is probably my first review on this site but here I go.
    The only good thing I can say about this story is it's a ability steal novel which are extremely fun.
    as for the cons
    The story reads like a badly translated chinese novel it's clearly inspired by them as there are some blood/soul burning skills which give temporary power.
    The author can't make the MC smart so he has to make everyone else dumb to make up for it.


    There are apparently skills and abilities and they are separate but for some weird reason human's are unable to use abilities, why? Because the author and MC says so. The MC never even tries he just says "too bad I cannot use them" or something and just cuts abilities to paste them unto tree's which makes no sense, even worse he gets demon dog things as pets/guarddogs later on and he doesn't even try to give those dogs the abilities. Why even add abilities into your story if the MC can't use them they are pointless should have gone the RE:Monster route and give him mutations to use.

    The heroines are bland, they might have a hint of personality at the start but when they get into the bed with the MC they are all the same.
    The MC honestly has no personality at best and a complete scumbag at worst I have no problem with anti-heroes and villains but this story's MC is just bad, before chapter 72 I would have given this story a 3/5 but after reading chapter 72 I can only give it a 1/5 spoiler below.

    He see's 2 thug's harrassing a 13/14 year old girl and he won't save the girl unless she pays him, she doesn't have money on her so he leaves her to get raped (wtf!?!) I am not going into just how horrible that is, I am just gonna say that is by far the most boring thing the author could do, it's also pointless, why even write that if you aren't gonna do anything with it.


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    Status: c72

    After chapter 72, I can only say author is just your average edgy kid and seriously he can't even take criticism.

    @BirgirReynisson gave author his criticism and opinion in a very polite and civil way and author just like an edgy brat told him to fck off.

    If you can't even take criticism, then you don't deserve to be an author.


    Also in chapter 72 MC let people r*pe the girl who asked for his help and he refused since she doesn't have money to pay for his help.

    MC is also just an edgy brat like author himself.


    Well all I can say is I wasted my time reading this, if you also want to waste your time go ahead, if not find yourself another novel.

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