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Cuddle & Monster
Cuddle & Monster
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A note on some story tags

(this detailed description is for those seeking more information before jumping in, if they came in from a specific tag hoping for a specific thing, and are worried they won't find what they were looking for in this story.)

Autism: The warlock is neurodivergent.


Both before and after their mental changes.


Character growth: One of the major themes of the story.

Disability: While not a main focus, both main characters are coded as disabled - Cherry physically, and the warlock is neurodivergent as noted above.

Enemies Become Allies: That is definitely the character dynamic you'll find here.

Personality Changes: They link back to character growth. They are magically-induced.


But are not unwelcome.


Romantic Subplot: From the chapter "Like a lever was pulled" onwards. Lesbian/GL/Yuri pairing, whichever label you prefer.

Transgender: The approach taken to a certain event in the story is a queer one.


This isn't a cis man becoming cis woman story, this is a cis man becoming trans woman.

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      Status: farther than u
      Sep 21, 2019

      This story feels so unique to me — the way it handles subjects that could so easily be extremely touchy is both very clean and very good. Highly recommended for anyone interested in seeing something new and unique and


      maybe even a little heartwarming down the line ;)


      Read it!

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