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/ Series / Multiverse of Real-Life Manhwas
Multiverse of Real-Life Manhwas
Multiverse of Real-Life Manhwas
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Hi, I am Felix Shin! I was just a person who lived among you guys on Earth. This wasn't my name on that planet.

Hmm...I don't remember my original name. Is that weird?

Anyway, welcome to my story where you will see me do a lot of crazy things. I was just a normal person losing my mind in total darkness.

See, such a normal thing to do on your holidays...

Also, did I mention that when you die you lose your mind in the void and then dissolve into nothingness?

Looks like our fate isn't just flowers and unicorns.

A being came and transmigrated me to do what I want in different worlds. Basically, mess up the canon in these different parallel earths which contain fictional stories.

Easy, right?

Oh, how wrong was I.....


1. Weak Hero
2. Wind Breaker
3. ???????
4. ???????

1. English is not my first language. Don't expect top-tier English but my story won't have any major grammatical errors.
2. 7 Ch/Week
3. No romance in the first world. Maybe later.
4. NO YAOI. I don't have anything against it but seeing every fanfic of weak hero just Yaoi or with a female lead annoys me.
5. The property herein is not stated to be the original documentation, nor is it to be reproduced or sold in any capacity. Original characters owned by the author; full rights to the author. The cover also belongs to its original artist. In no way, I am profiting from the work as well as the cover; full rights to the artist for the cover of the book.


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Check out my other fanfiction : Multiverse of Sword and Magic

ActionFanfictionMartial ArtsRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSports
Weak Hero Wind Breaker
Absent Parents Beautiful Female Lead Brotherhood Bullying Hard-Working Protagonist Male Protagonist Modern Day Multiple Timelines Overpowered Protagonist Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist Transmigration World Hopping
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Table of Contents
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    I just made an account to write this so that shows how much I like it so far. I usually don’t start reading anything with so few chapters but I’m happy I did 👍

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