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Deviant Crown
Deviant Crown
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3.8 (14 ratings)
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A Gender Bending Novel.
Before he dies asks to be reborn as a woman... The heavens sure fucked that up and screwed him over.

"Is this what I get for asking the heavens to be reborn as a woman?" [Well so be it!!]

Yuèguāng dies at the age of 20 and transmigrates to a world called Shìjiè.

Here he learns that there are other worlds out there and not only the ones from the solar system.
Yuèguāng disciple of a Martial God.

Restore's all the barren lands, broken land and turns kingdoms upside down.

Braking grounds, stealing crowns and being Deviant.

With a rude character, strange experiences and a best friend that loves him, but disappears, he struggles at first but concurs them all and soon meets someone that makes him second guess his life.

Picture by: Larisa-K

This novel is also on, Moonquill and

AdventureBoys LoveGender BenderHistoricalMartial ArtsSlice of Life
Accelerated Growth Adventurers Alternate World Appearance Changes Astrologers Awkward Protagonist Beast Companions Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Blackmail Body Swap Body Tempering Character Growth Comedic Undertone Cultivation Emotionally Weak Protagonist Fast Cultivation Female Master Female to Male Gate to Another World Godly Powers Heartwarming Male to Female Transgender Weak to Strong
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      Status: heavens gate
      Feb 4, 2019

      Very good! I love it so much!! Characters are freaking awesome. 

      The main character is so me!!^_< can't wait for the same to finally meet the use. Its kinda funny how he thinks his future partner is a women. Big surprise for him their. 

      The goddess that's making him here successor is so freaking cool. Nature affinities  are freakling cool! Can't wait till he learns all of his new skills! So excited for what's to come!!

      Please update soon!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH>_<

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