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Maid to Kill
Maid to Kill
202.9k Views 8710 Favorites 95 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1872 Readers
4.7 (120 ratings)
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A humble [Maid] in a backwater household, Fayette was resigned to living the dull life of a proper domestic servant, slowly leveling as she cleaned the estate. However, everything changes after she discovers another path in a sudden monster attack.

What if she were to take a more... direct approach to cleaning the filth plaguing this world?
What to expect from this novel:

-Household skills put to gruesome use in combat.
-A bit of GL romance. Eventually.
-Guillotines. Eventually.

Cover commisioned from @Risukasa_nen

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveHistoricalLitRPGRomanceSeinen
Adventurers Aggressive Characters Alternate World Aristocracy Confident Protagonist Dense Protagonist Different Social Status Girl's Love Subplot Industrialization Lack of Common Sense Late Romance Love Interest Falls in Love First Maids Master-Servant Relationship Murders Nobles Psychopaths Quirky Characters Rebellion Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist Servants Slow Romance Underestimated Protagonist Unique Weapon User
Table of Contents 95
Reviews 9
Table of Contents
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    New Bobple
    Status: part 1 author’s retrospective

    4. Something [Round Down] (Made at Chapter 87)

    Part 1 is complete, and its been a fun ride. 

    Now there is possible a lot to say... but I'm going to keep it brief.

    Maid to Kill isn't a overly complicated story, part 1 is gathering of the party story, with a couple arcs within the party dealing filth, corruption, and some evils as they try to go down their own path in life. But life is never a simple thing. Due classes and the structure of the society, many things are abused and locked in place. 

    Now some very minor spoilers (nothing exact, but I will taking about some stuff which will happen in part 2 or later parts which have been hinted at or mentioned by the author in author notes)


    "Combat Maid X French Revolution." - zechamp

    That's right we got a revolution on our hands. This story has some purposely parallels to the French Revolution, cause that's what partly inspired. 

    I can't comment on how well its done, cause it hasn't been written yet. But I'm excited, the revolutionary we've met seem interesting (these are separate people from the main group trying to do their own thing). And from the villains that have been set up, powers that have been shown and the characters themselves, I'm excited to see how it plays out.


    But yeah. Maid to Kill is fun. I like the setting and the characters. The power system isn't greatly explained? Its a LitRPG and how its used is explained. For LitRPG I mind if the LitRPG systems are never explained, but it leaves the audience curious as the classes effected peoples places in the world. So it hasn't been explained yet, and that is fine. Its one of those things that its explaintion for existing and acting the way it does is probally best for later. 

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    Status: chapter 7 – confrontation

    A unique take on a corrupt world and a heroine that will start the clean up. Great story, good writing, nicely paced with a main character you just want to cheer for.

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    5 Likes · Like



    character description-2/5 [vague descriptions]

    uniqueness- 10/5

    overall a very unique story where the plot is special and interesting, sometimes a break from fluffiness can go a mile and turn you into a psycho ;D

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    Status: chapter 53 – a row in arreau

    Originally reviewed on Chapter 41.

    An excellent and well-written story overall. 5 stars are my overall enjoyment of this fic regardless of the advanced rating scores below.

    This story is about a dissatisfied maid discovering that dust and dirt aren't the only things a maid can clean up. Finding that taking out enemies is more efficient than taking out the trash, Fayette enjoys removing problems at the root so they don't cause any more problems down the line.

    Style: I don't really know how to review style lol. I will say that the writing style doesn't have any problems with me and I haven't noticed any notable writing habits like overused phrases or the like so that's cool.

    Story: Unfortunately, at the time of this review only two arcs have been completed but the story has been great. Plot points have been resolved nicely and the two arcs were quite straightforward but satisfying to read. There is no complicated, convoluted plot but that doesn't mean there isn't any foreshadowing. The foreshadowing hints at future conflicts and makes me excited to see what's next. I took a half-star off because the plot is simple and there doesn't seem to be a big overarching goal/plot for the cast. There is also one thing I particularly enjoyed:


    I enjoyed the misunderstanding with the Knight at the end of the first arc and the detective at the end of the second where they think Fay is a professional/master at work. Normally I dislike misunderstandings in stories but I enjoyed reading those parts. Reading their thoughts got a chuckle out of me and rather than being annoyed at the misunderstanding I found myself looking forward to the inevitable (?) reveal. 


    Grammar: Absolutely no problems regarding grammar. The punctuation is perfect and every sentence makes sense when read. I haven't read any chapters right when they are released yet but it seems any spelling errors are cleaned up promptly.

    Character: The characters are well-written and believable, although I do believe they need to be fleshed out more which is a given due to there only being 41 chapters right now. Fayette is an enjoyable character to be in the viewpoint of most of the time and the rest of the cast are wonderful additions to her antics. Mireille (weird spelling ngl) is a good character and plays off of Fay very well, allowing for dialogue where they bounce off one another. Half a star off however for Fayette being a bit 2-dimensional and trope-y but hopefully, that will be addressed in future chapters so I can rate character 5 stars.

    I actually read this on Royal Royal but I thought I should cross-post my review (with a few edits) from there to convince more people to give this gem a try. 

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    Status: chapter 41 – interlude: palogne, alone

    World building 5/5: descriptions aren’t to deep but solid for the most part                 Characters 5/5: best part of the story. &Nbsp;     Story 4/5: enjoyable but too early for me to think of any improvements. &Nbsp;                      Writing 4.8/5: I like how it’s written and the quality of it. The descriptions are a bit bare but still good enough to envision the s

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    Status: chapter 61 – and into the fire

    This story is good, crazy good. It incorporates historical events with a unique system of abilities and powers that are different from stories I have read before. With intricate plots and an overarching narrative you will be looking forward to every new chapter the author punches out and craving more.

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    Status: chapter 52 – gathering steam

    This is a great story written by a [Masterclass Author]. Definitely recommend if you are interested in a power-leveling litrpg featuring noncombatant classes struggling to make their way through a combat-favored, [class]-strict world. 

    For those who want a super-overpowered but still decently strong [main character]. Main character is not strong at the start, but her strength mostly comes from how she can twist her [skills] to work how she wants. 

    If you are a fellow [Maid] enthusiast, prepare your [Read] skill and let yourself be pampered by your [Maid] as you tuck into a comfortable chair and [Read] the entire story at once. 

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    Status: chapter 49 – how to pamper a [...

    Love this story. Always eager for the next chapter. Have and will continue to reco

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    Status: part 1 author’s retrospective


    A story set in the industrial revolution about a group of girls trying to clean the world of its filth. The main genre is action with a bit of humor and hints of GL. The twist is the use of noncombat classes in fight. Unfortunately, the class and skill system are not explained enough, and the reader must deduce its rule if they want to understand the system. Overall, the story is enjoyable and a fun read.

    + Unique concept

    -Lack of information about the class system element


    The story is divided into arcs. There is a clear progression of the story, and the goal of each arc is well defined. Some people seem to say that there is historical reference in the story, but I lack the knowledge to agree or disagree with that claim.

    +Clear progression

    ~Historical reference?

    ~Clear divide between arcs


    The characters each have their own trait and are easy to distinguish from one an another. The main characters don't stay static and change with the story. On the other hand, the physical description of the characters is lacking.

    +Main Character evolution

    -Physical description with few detail


    The abilities and the way they are used in combat are creative, but the combat lack description.

    +Creative ability

    -Lack description

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