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Adventure Academy
Adventure Academy
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The Academy is a place where the brave, the bold, and the inquisitive gather. These trailblazing youths who spend their days training to explore unknown lands and challenge unseen dangers all in the name of riches, fame, and honor. To this most esteemed of realmsverse institutions comes a new challenger. His name is Will Wisdom, and he seeks to become a novice of the Academy, not just for wealth and fame, but also to discover the truth of why he’d once been sacrificed on the altar of the gods of death only to come back to life and start anew.

Yep, you heard right. Will’s got a crazy secret. He’s a teenager stuck with Extra Life, a curse that allows Will to relive the same day of every death until he finds a way to live and see tomorrow. Now, this isn't exactly a bad thing. Not for a boy eager to learn from his mistakes, adapt, and grow to become the kind of adventurer who takes on the epic quests and grand challenges that turn nobodies into legends.

The Academy’s the perfect place for Will's journey of self-discovery too. Assuming he survives Swords and Sorcery, Apprentice Alchemy, Dungeon Excursions, P.E., and the rest of the crazy list of training courses in his novice schedule. Will may need some help—and going solo is definitely not advisable!

Welcome to the Academy, Will Wisdom—hope you survive the experience!


This is a progression fantasy story that doubles as a coming of age tale which weaves elements of Norse mythology into its framework; offering a modern twist to timeless tales of heroes, monsters, and otherworldly realms.

Release Schedule: 7 times a week

Cover Background by: Eva Bronzini on Pexel

Copyright © 2022 G.D. Cruz

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSchool Life
Academy Age Progression Character Growth Fantasy World Level System Magic Male Protagonist Multiple Realms Protagonist Strong from the Start Quirky Characters Sharp-tongued Characters Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Teamwork Time Loop
Table of Contents 52
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Table of Contents
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