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/ Series / Isn’t the wannabe Villain too cute?
Isn’t the wannabe Villain too cute?
Isn’t the wannabe Villain too cute?
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4.3 (213 ratings)
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Being surrounded by people and receiving praises over the thing which I felt natural to do, wasn't something that could excite me.

Since childhood, I wasn't able to find anything which could heal my boredom and understand how much it takes to be in such a center of attraction.

But one day I finally found a person who was an exception to this world.

From a general perspective, he was an arrogant noble who taunted women and made vulgar comments about others. A person whome you feel justified in hating.

But strangely I was able to see how he was forcing himself to do such a thing in front of all. His shaky hands and fake pride were clearly seen from the way I looked at him

Maybe it was the start of my first entertainment which eventually turned into something more.

Something which I hadn't experienced before.

Something which people regard as love...


Synopsis from MC pov:-

This main heroine is becoming problematic day by day.

Since I was reincarnated here and received the villain system I just wanted to fulfill the thing which the system required to fulfill my sole wish.

My only desire for which I could even give up my life for...

But this main heroine isn't acting the way I have read in my previous life.

Why she is leaving the hero's invitation and joining my party under all those heavy gazes.

Why the heck are you asking me on a date when the hero is watching you with such pitiful eyes.

Why the fuck you are kissing me in front of the whole nation ...are you nuts!!!

This is my story as a villain, which this bothersome heroine is doing her all to destroy.


A/N:- Hello.

This work is something I have been thinking since so long that I had nearly forgotten...

The MC would be a little weak-willed due to his past and present life but we will have character development.

There would be multi POVs but I will mainly focus on Mc's and FL's pov.

There would be romance and drama at the start but I will add action and op moments too, later in the story.

At last, I just hope you guys like my work, Sayonara~

ActionDramaFantasyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Doting Love Interests Handsome Male Lead Hated Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation Sword And Magic System Administrator Yandere
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      Status: her curiosity!

      NOT a good grammar, a good spelling  or a flowering natural speech. Rushed pace, cliche things that do not make much sense, that caused by a lack of depth and  chapters:, you can't build the story of a character in half a chapter and expect me to grow attached to it or to what he does. Why such a harsh review? Because it's absolutely unbelievable  the amount of good reviews that it has for wrong the  reasons 

      P.S. There are errors even with the articles, how can you say that it has "good grammar"!?

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      17 Likes · Like
      Status: her confession

      Grammer is a little off but the story itself is phenomenal, or maybe I'm a sucker for fluffy love stories. Either way this is definitely a gem worth reading.

      Read More

      13 Likes · Like
      Status: her grief!

      So far, I've loved it. While reading this keep in mind this isn't a weak-to-strong (in terms of power) thing but more of a fluffy romance with an anti-hero protagonist and so far, it's pulling it off pretty great

      Edit at ch47, well, I have some complaints but still pretty good

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: the might of an underdog~3!

      The story is entertaining. While the grammar isn't the best, it is an overall enjoyable experience.

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: c0

      Beyond the clunky grammar is a really entertaining novel!

      EDIT: There's an editor now and quality has improved.

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: ch 100

      Well this certainly have me diabetes from fluff overload.... the MC get character development in 10 chps and then then story goes up like a rocket. the interactions between luna and MC are adorable... MC is strong and changes into somone truly dependable... he is not a pushover... overall the story was q wonderful read and I hope it gets update soon... only ques 


      I wanna ask is why did u even make the little sis have romantic feelings for the MC is u plan for a no harem... it feels wrong to see the MC with luna but the sis still loving him... if u could atleast make it so that the MC accepts his sis... so it will be a 2 wife story something that just would work out with the story


      Anyways the story is great.. even an avid harem lover like me loved this...I just hope that u make the MC accept saya as whenever a girl is left behind in a story it sucks..

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: the unknown entity in the...

      Grammar and spelling could use some work. Plot and delivery is ok enough and enjoyable. This is the type of story you would read in your past time when your bored. A couple of cliches but its not that bad as you would think (atleast in my perspective). Its an ok story that I suggest you give a chance, maybe you'll end up enjoying it.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: 47 another existence (2)

      Quite good! 

      Writing Quality: Starting with positives: good grammar + spelling + edited + flowing natural speech. However, I feel like POVs jump around too much. Some events are displaced and some things just aren’t talked about (war arc) which I genuinely desired to read. 4 stars. 

      Update Stability: chapter lengths fluctuate quite a bit but it’s never too short that leaves you wanting + 6 ch/week = not much to complain about. 4.5 stars. 

      Story development: One of the best aspects which however is not the focus. I like the way the story goes but I feel the focus of this novel is the characters more so than the story so this part does fall short slgihtly : (. 4 stars.

       Character Design: Well, yeah the best part I guess. If you like yanderes as I do, then Luna is great. She gets jealous and she’s demanding + she wants to make MC a better man. The MC: 


      A teen reborn in the world where his family shuns him for no apparent reason. Then suddenly awakens a villain system and pushes away his fiancée who was his childhood friend


      understandably, he is a little insecure and needs care, but he protects that which is his, and grows from what we see in the initial chapters. 5 stars.

      World Building: Similar to Story Dev I feel this is really lacking. Idk maybe author is mostly focusing on characters but it’s just the world has continents and some kingdoms. We’ve seen the king and Eden academy. But it’s all flat. Like the links between them aren’t there, the headmaster is a superficial character, the noble society is flat. This accept revolves around the main characters, rather than the MCs around the world. 3.5 stars.

       Don’t get me wrong, I still rate this overall closer to a 5 than a 4 because of the enjoyability. This is a great read, it just has its flaws which will hopefully be addressed with more words and chapters out. 

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: happy ending

      WARNING! The story is not complete, the first part is complete but many things are unresolved.I would actually rate the first around 100 chapters as solid 5/5, the idea is good, the characters are interesting, there is some humour in the story and definitely fluff.What I didn't like:- with every chapter it was inclining more and more to harem, the author once mentioned about ending


      the ML would have 2 wives, but be aware that there are at least 5 pretenders for the 2nd wife position ALREADY

      - it has become messy and a little bit less logical to the end of 1st part, somehow authors reversed the characters and made them more one-dimensional somehow?

      at the beginning, the ML had a lot of different attitudes but in the end it became more like: for FLs he would become a maniac and kill everyone but he didn't care about others. (Yep, not yandere FL but him). It reminded SO MUCH this typical cliche which the story tried to avoid at the beginning

      Would I recommend?- Not so sure as I like the complete stories (so I was pretty much taken aback at the end). I also didn't want harem stories (and the narrative of these harem stories) so I was a little bit disappointed.  I actually would like the author to rewrite the story a little bit to make it more logical and change the settings of the novel (add "harem" tag and add about the story not being completed). If my preferences don't match yours (about harem etc.) and you don't mind incompleteness, the story is not bad, somewhere around 3, 5. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: ctipsy luna!

      Beautiful story and very well implemented plot. Only "downside" in this story would be how rushed it feels at times. Yet it doesn't really feel "forced" or skips certain interactions. Obviously it would be better in my opinion to have more slice-of-life for the romance part... very wholesome sh*t right there and I wish for more.

      Very wholesome romance, understandable and actually kind protagonist who doesn't fall to the chinese garbage syndrome in which they lose their good qualities overtime. This story is gold, obviously it feels like a "let me copy your homework" with other otome-mob/villain stories but it takes a very UNIQUE path from those that I had read. Which makes it stand out more and makes me want to keep reading.

      Obviously the biggest plot hole in my opinion is... well, spoiler alert here so don't read unless you make it to the Onii-sama chapters.

      Biggest plot hole? His sister. He supposedly had a phone to see her, so how could she be in the world yet the phone doesn't show it? or did he lose it? But last I read he just stored the phone and he never even wanted to see if his sister actually healed? Think I missed a line by accident and this is leaving me confuse.

      That, and the power levels.... as a very confused Vegeta once said, power levels are bullsh*t.

      P.S. Thanks author for making this wholesome story, hope to see more interactions between Luna and Austin. Really love to read some good wholesome romance.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
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