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/ Series / Zero Isn´t Where It Starts
Zero Isn´t Where It Starts
Zero Isn´t Where It Starts
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Someone who is lost, in their own mind, while awake they're feeling like sleeping, watch 'her' journey at her own life, and maybe in a future the life she has beyond stars that one think wouldn't even be reachable or exist in the first place.


■The first chaps are pretty short, after chap 10 most have 1k+ words.


☆BOOK 1 Main MC world: -Berserkia-(Original)

☆BOOK 2: -DXD-
(Where love interest will be introduced~,and no not harem, one girl, but what's the fun on saying who it's~)

☆BOOK 3: Idk, but probably will be something I know.


▪︎Note; Character is OP in her own way, expect her getting her ass whooped a lot, in her way to seek strength... things can sometimes go from 1-100 real fast :D.

It's something I started on Webnovel.... hope you guy's like, I prefer this site to edit things, is a more chill one ^^.

ActionAdventureComedyGirls LoveIsekaiMartial ArtsMysteryPsychological
Character Growth Determined Protagonist Evolution Fantasy World Fast Learner Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Selfless Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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