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Batteries not included
Batteries not included
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Premise: A half-human mind is stuffed into a computer with a molecular reassembler (3d printer that can slowly convert elements to others), a tiny nanobot swarm and a nebulous, almost all-knowing database from a weird not-modem device with an abysmal connection speed (think early dial-up, 300bps stuff. I am using this as an example: ) and sent into a fantasy world with magic.
Now don’t whine if it’s not what you expected, you knew what you started reading.

Imagine waking up from what you imagine a hangover to feel like (I never actually drunk any alcohol, it’s bad for you), being unable to move any of your limbs, and not remembering anything specific about your life except for your name (it’s Sam by the way, nice to meet you). Now imagine also being stuffed into a computer with solar panels but no battery. Yea, it’s hell. And if you are reading this, I either didn’t survive, or survived extremely well, and if it’s the first one, you can do what you wish with my body, I allow it.
Now! Before you go scavenging me for parts or something (or maybe you’ve already done that?) let me tell you my story… or, well, show you, as you are reading this. Or did I figure ou- No! Stop! Let’s just move on to the story already!

Updates: For now daily with additional ones if I feel like it. I just write whenever I feel like, and I asked everyone around me to force me to write once a day. Will probably go to weekly in the future.
Time is wonky. The best time for me to upload so most people see is currently five in the morning, so yea...

Warning: This is more of a writing exercise for self-confidence than an actual book, so don’t expect much.

Alternate World Amnesia Aristocracy Artificial Intelligence Automatons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fast Learner Genderless Protagonist Honest Protagonist Industrialization Lack of Common Sense Language Barrier Magic Medieval Monsters Mysterious Past Non-humanoid Protagonist Reincarnated as an Object
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Table of Contents
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