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Cursed Heroine
Cursed Heroine
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Those fools under-powered my summoning ceremony and I was 'left with the bag'. With inadequate soul potential, I've had to curse myself to create an opportunity to live, perhaps live well in this new world. Or...maybe I just totally screwed myself. Even the goddess got curious when she realized what I had done.

“So, she finished. I wonder what took her so long to decide...WTF! Interesting! Let’s mark her for further observation to see how things turn out. This girl is perhaps the most entertaining thing to happen in the last few millennia. Hmm, let’s mess with her just a little bit. Tweak this here...and...a little over there. Heheheh. This will be FUN!"~Goddess

She tweaked my status settings after I had spent so long on them just to make things a little more entertaining. Well, at least she only changed some cosmetic and semantics stuff. None of the vital parts of my status were ruined.

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Table of Contents
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    Status: c48

    It's good for the first 20 chapters or so, but after they strike out on their own it just becomes smut with some story mixed in, and the smut is heavy BDSM which I'm not into and a good amount of it seemed like straight up abuse, the characters actions aren't fully consistent either and the main love interest despite having her father's side of the family really started to act like them treating the MC like a slave meting out punishments that on at least one occasion had permanent effect and all the MC did to deserve them was teasing, teasing literally the ONLY person she can speak to, and the goddess completely changing the terms of the servitude curse the way she does COMPLETELY removing the safety nets the MC puts in place annoyed me but the lack of reaction from the MC? Ridiculous I almost never drop a story the amount of times I have can be counted on one hand, often if I don't finish a story it's because the author dropped it not me, and I have read hundreds of them, having said that I am dropping this story.

    TLDR: good premise, strong start, awful follow through and it's basically just BDSM Yuri smut

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    Status: Ch. 43

    Great premise, and great skill/status/system building. I just love the idea of vampires and the skill assimilation.

    But. 3 stars.


    It was great from the first chapter to about chap 20-30. After that, its just full bdsm, smut, and girl's love. I'm not against that, and I do admit its kinky. But that's literally almost everything. I'm not one to drop novel so I still drag myself to read through the chaps, hoping it gets better at the recent ones. If it does, ill edit or write a new rating.

    Sofy's turning abusive, and while that could be for the plot, its not good thay lily is always just submitting, Lily just doesn't have any character develolment or character traits aside from being teasing, submissive, and s*xual.

    The goddess was nice and mischievous at first, it was a great dynamic, but taking away Lily's possible chance at freedom is just a no for me. Im afraid this might just devolve into a bdsm smut story all throughout, the purpose of Lily's skills becoming only for pleasuring her mistresses. As much as we want an op submissive maid-servant, I don't want a one dimensional charcter that gets abused and bossed around.


    I was warned from the tags that there's those things but come on, give us some action and adventure. As much as its kinky, every single chapter is just them making love through more and more different ways, the skill system is totally being underused even though it has great potential.

    The writing itself is passable and while there's the occasional grammatical/spelling error, its not bad. Its all tell and no show however. The fight scenes are bland and too concise. 

    If you're looking for a bdsm, kinky, girl on girl, isekai story, this is for you. And in that aspect, I will admit its pretty good. And you will surely enjoy.

    But if you're someone who expects action, adventure, skill assimilation, and others, better steer clear or atleast, be warned. Im still not sure about further chapters but at this point im losing the drive to read further.

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    Status: c0

    I've read until deep into elves arc. The start was... painful. It reeked of agenda pushing right off the bat with humans mainly heteros*xual and highly abusive, hell look at these bad guys they even have slaves !... Yeah... right... Guess what you find when getting to the elves ? People against slavery (but still highly abusive to the MC, yeah I know "it was an issue due to the rework of the curse" sure... this is commonly called a retcon) that are progressives and have many LGBTQ+ in their midst. Do you see my problem ? I don't care much for political agendas most of the time, but this is blatant and with the lack of logic or internal consistency, let's just say that it was painful reading as much as I did.

    First issue : not matter what you write, stay logical. Meaning in that case, as anthropology as shown time and again, a society that stay through ages is a conservative and stable one. Meaning : the longer one lives the more he is conservative, the longer a society exist the more it become conservative. Being conservative is not something bad, mind you, it only mean to conserve the good thing of your society while tweaking the bad so that they become good. Elves, if long lived (like in this instance) should be the most conservative being there is, as logic would have it.

    Second Issue : Stay consistent. How, pray tell, a "princess" from the elven country was abducted by the human one when the elven was that much more powerful and technologically advanced than the human one ? How did that not cause a war ? This inconsistency was caused by the author when we got to the elven country. This is why it is crucial to know what you want to do before you write it, and even then you make drafts (the more the better).

    Third issue : LGBTQ+ agenda. Let me level with yall, if you want a story with multiple LGBTQ+ then go to a contemporary setting or sci-fi or space opera even, but Medieval settings (even in fantasy) or post-apocalyptic settings do not allow for them to exists, as honor and lineage is more prevalent in the former and instinct and desire to reproduce is more prevalent in the latter, they can exist but should be a minority, not everywhere and especially not encouraged by their parents especially if they are influential political figures. Even in the recommended settings they should be a minority as such demeanor are uncommon to rare in every living species. It then come right back to my first point : stay logical.

    Fourth issue : Royalties and Nobles are proud and honorable peoples, the one depicted as greedy or abusive have often bought their titles or forgot their roots, and more often than not have many enemies in the noble side of society, and when I say they have many enemies I mean everyone that still is honorable or don't want their corruption showing, so close to everyone. Simply put Nobility play a game of appearance and action that sometimes is hypocritical and other hypercritical. Their political game is a detailed weaving of plots and diplomatic acts that can alter their country for the better or the worst, meaning that noble that forget themselves not only risk heavily armed revolt but also an absence of support from their kind or kin. It is treacherous and most importantly it is subtle. What was shown in the first chapters is an insult to anyone's intelligence. I've seen badly written fanfiction do better.

    My Fifth issue : avoid retcons at all costs. Retroactive continuity or retcon is an act of saying a rule defined earlier is in fact not the way it was described. The less it happen in a story, the better it'll be. Too many retcons will inevitably lead to a progressive destruction of narrative coherence and tension, after all why should I care about X event, the author will change that if it lead him in a corner. It indicate that the author do not know what he is doing, which sadly is also a sign that nothing was prepared further than a certain point. If the point if far, far into the story, at something like, say, chapter 50 it could be acceptable, but here it's literally beyond chapter 7. Planning is crucial IRL when doing anything that need a certain cohesiveness, meaning planning is key in story writing, this story is a case example of what happen when you don't plan.

    Onto the good now : The system. That is all that is salvageable from the story. This system is a half-descriptive one, meaning it will measure you ability as well as giving you new ability out of nowhere if you fulfill the conditions. It's a crutch used by new writer to help them wrap their head around power creep and how to control it, the next step is a fully descriptive one (only measuring one's ability), but the system of this story is not bad, the idea of cultivating every part that could bring physical, extraordinary or supernatural powers is actually bordering the genius, the rest of the system should be scratched and left to be fully descriptive and only for the eyes of the author as it can and most often will break all tension in the narration.

    This story made so many mistakes I cannot in good conscience leave anything but a 1/5. In fact in my personal notation it deserve a 1.5/10 and it's only for the originality of the system and the cosmogony (meaning the working of the divine as well as their world) of the world.

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    Status: chapter 73: first day jitters

    It pains me to do so, because the story had some good ideas and completely wasted them. Avoid at all costs.

    Basically this is torture p*rn smut from the perspective of the victim with magic forcibly keeping her alive and sane through things that would leave someone a mangled vegetable. 

    To be fair, I will at least list the good bits:  

    • The protag is initially very clever in finding creative exploits to build her way out of a Bad End.
    • The System is unusual and the design of it has potential.
    • There was some genuinely fluffy relationship stuff for the first couple of chapters
    • It started out as an acceptable attempt at coercion kink.
    • There are a couple of good s*x scenes if you can tolerate the dumpster fire you'll have to dig through to find them.

    That's about it, and those are also what turned it into offensive trash.

    The bulk of clever stuff Lily did gets janked away from her by the malicious goddess as the story devolves to bad torture porn.  Seems her reward for surviving a death sentence was to become a divine abuse target for eternity.

    The system that was so promising mostly turns into a convenient way to inflict and excuse the abuse being inflicted.  On top of that, the author decides to have the goddess flood the world with new system enforced items that are wet dreams for s*x criminals, including unblockable sealing items, s*x slave collars, candy that reverts body and mind to a child (no consent needed), countless behaviour modifying cursed items (again, no consent needed), the list goes on.

    And then there's the last three.  Sophie starts out incredibly and then just spirals into hypocritical piece of sh*t who I was eager to see be gutted.  At first they're lovers and actually care for each other.  They start to engage in progressively more extreme sadism and coercion Orders.  Sophie even freaked out and begged for forgiveness after rendering Lily catatonic for half a day.

    It kept going down hill... repeated 70+ hour continuous punishment, I stopped counting after the sixth "punishment" that would have caused an excruciating death for the victim, what little consent there was got torched in favour of just mild rape among friends and s*xually assaulting acquaintances for fun, and just generally brainwashing Lily into allowing herself to be publicly degraded, prostituted, and subjected to physical and mental maiming (that she survived fine because "magic teehee").  Eventually that arc ends, Lily freaks out over what was done to her, and she gets slapped right back into the same brainwashed state, minus her previous programming, and forced into a new contract that promptly devolves back to s*xual assault and abuse.  As of the most recent chapter she's been drugged and forced to sign a seemingly unending contract to be a torture brothel prostitute with no sign of consent or limits involved.

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    Status: c41

    If you are not into physical and mental abuse/ sadistic/slave relationships drop this story after they got to the elven city (chapter 20ish).

    It’s really just a smut story with the abuse stated above. Which goes against the ‚curse‘ of the MC but the author doesn’t care. Plotholes are everywhere, too. 

    The description of places and people is a 2 out of 10.

    Character of people is a 2/10 (basically every1 the MC is meeting and interacts with for more than 15 is (suddenly) a BDSM fanatic.

    Character growth 1/10. First 20 chapters it would be a 5/10 but after that there’s 0 growth.

    s*x scenes 1/10. Even if you like BDSM the descriptions are mediocre at best and from chapter 20 or so up to 40 it’s basically just s*x after s*x after s*x which doesn’t fit the current plot and the general setting. The ‚content‘ of the s*x gets more unrealistic and abusive. The so called ‚Punishment‘ the MC receives is petty and basically torture (which should trigger the curse but it doesn’t because ‚plot‘)

    Worldbuilding is non existent. Even in the school arc we don’t get any real info. Speaking of school arc: it’s basically a badly described how-to rape and torture people into becoming a BDSM slave/dom. And a sadist in one case.

    Relationship is hard to rate but basically mediocre at best. Without spoilers: Promises where made and broken within a chapter so the author could write about a forced BDSM orgy.

    2 stars overall because the first 20 chapters where promising (6/10 at a minimum) but since the story devolved into the unfulfilled dreams of an adolescent boy who reads to much BDSM hentai.

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    Status: chapter 1: left-overs, cursing and reinventing...

    I'm abround chapter 30 and honestly dropping this because of missing plot, at this point it's a straight up doujin. 

    The setting is great but lily has no character developpement and sophia just keep getting more and more abusive, while they do care for each other I feel that the relationship is really messed up and the romance is really missing. As they keep on throwing orgies. And well the bdsm has become a bit too much for me. 

    And above all I MISS THE PLOT they just keep on f**king in each chapter with more strange and messed up ways of going to oblivion. While letting a whole nice universe go to waste. 

    BUT if your searching for heavy yuri bdsm then read it ! Seriously!

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    Status: chapter 65: flora’s reunion and...

    To be clear, this absolutely isn't for everyone. Though it's light on the BDSM promised in the tags early in the story, it picks up pretty quickly and doesn't really let go. It's wonderful for those of us who like that kind of stuff, but if you're reading despite the BDSM rather than because of it you might have a bit of a hard time.

    That aside, there's really only one major complaint that comes to mind. One of the core tenets of the BDSM community is SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual), and that starts to get more and more flagrantly violated starting in the Elf Village arc. All I can really say in defense is that it becomes a plot point and is acknowledged and stopped. I hesitate to say it's been resolved satisfactorily yet, but (in as spoiler-free a way as I can manage) at this point, there's a clear and obvious reason for the delay. Specifically,  


    after Sofia gets deposed as Mistress, it's revealed the curse has been brainwashing Lilia into being OK with the abuse, which Kat promptly fixes. Then Lilia gets teleported far from the current cast and to this day hasn't been able to meet with Sofia to give her what-for.


    So, in summary, a generally high-quality story with one (considerably large) black mark that could be resolved in the future, but hasn't yet.

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    Status: chapter 52: body art

    First, there is some BDSM girl-on-girl action. If you think you might like it, it's the story for you, because this part is exceptional. Girls like each other.

    The story without kinky parts is not worth reading, it's ~3 stars. It's okay up to chapter ~30, later it's there just to support the kinky parts.

    Almost all guys in the story are assholes/rapists. Well, we can't have them leading the girls from the yuri path :)

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    Status: chapter 11: heroes’ departure

    Not for everyone but if its right for you its very good. A bit of ds kink is a pretty major part of the plot and thats not for everyone but it is the best version of it Ive found. Hell the magic contract has a safety clause. 

    Beside that the story is reasonably fun and the writing gets decent really quick.

    Would recommend 

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    Status: Update, ch 35

    As of Ch. 17:

    It's a fun story with a fresh take on the isekai and character creation tropes. However, it is unfortunately riddled with grammatical errors and pacing issues. What bothers me most, however, is that the system in use isn't ever really explained or put into perspective. There's all sorts of numbers, which I love, but I have no idea what any of them really do.

    Still, it's fun, and I would recommend it, even though I'd have to give the above mentioned caveats.

    UPDATE, Ch. 35:

    Grammar and pacing have both significantly improved. Character growth is slow, and the thoughts/feelings of the MC are sparse, but the author has stated that those willing be coming relatively shortly.

    I'd put this at like, 3.75 stars if I could, at least until I see some real character growth. It's still early days, though, and I'm definitely still enjoying myself.

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