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/ Series / After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race!?
After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race!?
After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race!?
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4.5 (4 ratings)
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After being rejected by his long time crush and immediately killed off in the most humiliating way imaginable, the bumbling Haruto finds himself reincarnated into a bizarre new world, where street racing is everything, and losers are permanently removed.

Only those with the best machines, skills and companions will survive, and leveling up efficiently in this new reality won't be an easy task.

The newly arrived protagonist must now fight his way to the top, try and keep himself alive, and most important, figure out how and why he was sent to this world after his untimely death.

(Cover art by my buddy Cash - @cash_seonghun - check their Twitter out!)

Alternate World Amnesia Apathetic Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Brother Complex Character Growth Clingy Lover Comedic Undertone Crafting Dead Protagonist Dreams Enemies Become Allies Forced into a Relationship Futuristic Setting Game Elements Game Ranking System Grinding Hiding True Abilities Master-Servant Relationship Mysterious Past Previous Life Talent Reincarnated into a Game World World Travel
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    New Zerburos
    Status: kataki town

    You like Hot Wheels? You like Speed Racer!? You like races with your soul on the line!!? Then this is a must try novel for your gease monkeys, gear heads, or even drama isekai lovers.

    Now, if you're reading this far, let me put out so some fair warnings. I personally like the set up and idea of this story. The short of is, our MC dies, and instead of being a hero/anti hero in a fantasy setting, taking over the body of someone else to live out a story as they want, he is put in a realm of "nothing but racing". As a character in the story explains, and I'm paraphrase here, "the Cyberway, is where all extra people go, the saints and heroes go to heaven, the devils and villains go to hell, we are here cause we are extra that simple were there in life and were basically on the side lines of our old lifes."

    So, what's the drama of this? Cyberway is a realm where you drive to survive, basically. There is a system (which at the point of reading hasn't really been explained), that encourages people to have death races, or complete tasks for leveling up/empowering yourself. Overall, I like this idea a lot, it's something new for isekai to explore.

    Add to the fact that our MC has a whole mess of baggage to deal with from not just dying, but with life in general, this story has elements of being good. But for me it simply is interesting and that's about it.

    The author is good with grammer and spelling, telling the story too. However it just feels dry for me at this point. Like I get there is drama, and story has some solid bones, I just have trouble feeling anything or investing anything to into the characters.

    I strongly believe this is a good technical writing, and original details for fantasy write. Encouraging anyone to give it a try. Personally for me though, it's just average when packaged all together.

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