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Serial Transmigrator
Serial Transmigrator
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4.5 (162 ratings)
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Kidnapped and sent to another world, he finds himself right in his element.

"You think I don't know how all of this works? Please."

Armed with the knowledge he has gained from reading various web novels and his 'unique' way of thinking, he will shake the heavens.

"No matter how many worlds I have to go through, I will return to my home!"

All so he can get his mother's groceries...

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ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial Arts
Accelerated Growth Aggressive Characters Alchemy Alternate World Angels Antihero Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Calm Protagonist Childish Protagonist Chuunibyou Cold Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cruel Characters Delusions Familial Love Fearless Protagonist Loyal Subordinates Lucky Protagonist Magic Beasts Misunderstandings Multiple Protagonists Sharing A Body Summoned Hero Transmigration Wuxia
  1. Chapter 157Feb 9, 2020
  2. Chapter 156Feb 5, 2020
  3. Chapter 155Feb 3, 2020
  4. Chapter 154Feb 2, 2020
  5. Chapter 153Feb 1, 2020
  6. Chapter 152Jan 30, 2020
  7. Chapter 151Jan 25, 2020
  8. Chapter 150Jan 24, 2020
  9. Chapter 149Jan 23, 2020
  10. Chapter 148Jan 20, 2020
  11. Chapter 147Jan 19, 2020
  12. Chapter 146Jan 18, 2020
  13. Chapter 145Jan 17, 2020
  14. Chapter 144Jan 16, 2020
  15. Chapter 143Jan 15, 2020
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      Status: chapter 122
      Jul 22, 2019

      A really good novel. One that you will enjoy, due to the characters, story, and MC's BIG....................................... Dignity as a older brother. Wait was that spoiler shoot. But unfortunately, the author Shixuan got isekaied by Truck-kun. 

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      Status: c20
      May 13, 2019

      pretty good story for slice of life stuff I guess... not much happening with a stupid MC...


      a major problem I have with this novel is that MC practice different cultivation techniques and perfect them through trial and error by randomly doing whatever and then being in horrible pain and healing with his cheat

      what kind of messed up family would think its okay to let brother/son/whatever go through horrible pain every day for months or however long it is just to perfect cultivation methods... this is not a large sect or clan but a "happy family" (which... yea)

      and the guy actually just does it cuz his sister smiles or something... the mc's messed up personality is really something else... and did I mention he seems kinda stupid...

      but its pretty good if u can overlook mc's personality flaws and the sh*t family... most of the time its a happy family buuuut... that cultivation thing juuuust... makes it unbelievable and sh*tty.


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