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/ Series / Just another Reincarnation Story
Just another Reincarnation Story
Just another Reincarnation Story
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You probably know Truck-kun, Overwork-sama, "I'm sorry I killed you off God-chan" or even "Hey wanna play a game window".
Well for me it was Lightningbolt-dono.

When I got to myself, I was rather suprised at what I saw.

Big Trees and I mean BIG Trees all around me, a sea and a window with my Name, Lvl, Stats, Skills. Just about everything which one can whish for, if you liked this kind of Stories before you get deleted from your old world.

Sadly, after some years in which I have done every quest that I could. Me,my noble self, realized that my last quest was "Get found in the Ancestral Forest of the World Tree". The reward? I dont get teleported back to the World Tree if I'm 1000km away from the forest end.
Well seems I'm stuck for some time...

Chapter 1-10: Becoming abnormal (Intro)
Chapter 10-?: Parents tell tales of me to make
behave (First arc)

Edited AN: I deleted the old AN because it seemed to me more like a drunken rambling.

Chapters will be uploaded 1-2 times per day or 10+ chapters every start of the weekend.

Also, english isn't my first language. So of you see sentence building or something, let me know. This story is only for fun! I have a writters block on my books, so I thought i could writte something more lighthearted and...not so deep.

Anyway, if you like it noice, if you don't noice.
Everyone has their own opinion. Just no hate against anyone except me please. I can handle that.

Also...if you want to have an input on the story. Just PM or writte a comment. More brains = more thoughts!

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of LifeSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Awkward Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Fantasy World Overpowered Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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