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/ Series / Marrying the Adorable Ghost Duchess
Marrying the Adorable Ghost Duchess
Marrying the Adorable Ghost Duchess
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4.9 (7 ratings)
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      Status: cbathing [18+]

      A review based on the first chapters. I found this to be well written, little to no mistakes, nicely paced with engaging characters. A good read.

      The story starts introducing Raven, the male protagonist, who is everything his two older twin brothers aren't - they are huge hulking powerhouses - he's a sort of accountant come business development manager in a medieval world - if still manly and handsome - but very much the spare for the spare heir to a Duchy.  The current neighbouring Duchy is ruled by an unmarried Duchess, who inherited the position very early due to the death of the rest of her family in suspicious circumstances. With unusual silver hair, red eyes and pale complexion, Anayla is considered cursed or a ghost herself, and suspected of dabbling in witchcraft. (Note: the world appears medieval, not fantasy - so no overt magic).  With much trepidation Raven is visited by the very same Duchess who is offering a marriage proposal, and he's been told to "take one for the team". First meeting is awkward, but cute - both come into it with very low expectations, but equally they both are very pleasantly surprised that their prospective partners are much better than they expected. As the story has so far unfolded, you learn more of the life of the main protagonists and the politics that is invariably part of their lives as high ranking nobles. There is at least one conspiracy here, but so far you've only got a hint of what is going on behind the scenes - I am looking forward to seeing that play out.

      In terms off writing, the author has a way with words, invoking scenes and creating tension in a believable way. Not encountered anything other than a very occasional typo, so the author must have and exceptional proof reader (full disclosure - that's me - but what I get to beta is very complete even before I get to look at it). The characters introduced so far are fully fleshed out, feeling real so you identify with them, and feel their pain and happiness. I will copy the author's Content Warning for Chapter 2: This chapter talks about suicide and depression, and some very serious mental health issues. This is mature content but handled in a very sympathetic way that adds to the story and your understanding of the characters.

      Finally, the 18+ Chapter 5 - this very well written, very s*xy but also very cute - full of warm fuzzy moments - you get to feel both the physical and emotional connection the characters are making with each other. And, given what you learnt already about her background, you want this for them both. 

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