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/ Series / Kibo: War for the Ancient Codex
Kibo: War for the Ancient Codex
Kibo: War for the Ancient Codex
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God, Jesus, Heavenly Father and Son, The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, The Father of All Creation. He has many names, but the truth is that neither he nor his words ever change, nor does the fact that he holds all power and all glory. He is eternity and indestructibility...

An untraceable amount of time ago he and one of his oldest creations, Eden, departed from The HEavenly Realm and were never heard from again. Even though this was the case the Heavenly Realm remained calm as all Humana who had ascended to this Realm after death were now free of all sinful desires and lived for one another and the Glory of God. ANd even the Deavaum who lived in this Realm didn't dare to try anything due to both the Angels who continued to faithfully pursue their duties and The Ancient Codex.

They left behind three things in total; The Ancient Codex and a piece of each of their wills which cross through the cycle of space and time, fusing with two souls which would be born into the Human Realm or "The Universe" in the future.

These two beings became unsurpassable in the Universe, one became it's very the core and the other the protector of all innocent and oppressor of all evil.

Basil "Baze" Ezekiel Ambrose and Primrose Correigna Diaos are descended from these two beings and their mothers are The Mother Earth Gaia and Aphrodite respectively. The two were named husband and wife even before they were conceived.

Their only goal was to secure The Ancient Codex while protecting The Heavenly Realm it guards against those in The Demonic Realm.

Follow them as they overcome all challenges to claim The Ancient Codex and rise to become the rulers of The Heavenly Realm.

[Stop by my discord if you want to comment directly as I support all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I will leave a link at the bottom of chapter 1.]

Academy Adventurers Age Progression Aggressive Characters Angels Appearance Different from Actual Age Arranged Marriage Charismatic Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Cultivation Demons Determined Protagonist First-time Intercourse Gods Loyal Subordinates Magic Mythology Past Plays a Big Role Polygamy Resurrection War Records
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