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/ Series / The Hunter Who Alone Level Up With A System [A Progression Modern Litrpg]
The Hunter Who Alone Level Up With A System [A Progression Modern Litrpg]
The Hunter Who Alone Level Up With A System [A Progression Modern Litrpg]
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3.8 (4 ratings)
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Years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people around the world began to receive the power to hunt monsters within the Gate.  And so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world.

 These people will now be known as “Hunters”.

 Ajin Genku, born without any abilities in a world where humans with superpowers dominate.  Having no skills whatsoever to display, he became a laughingstock for all people around him.

 Until one day he suffers a serious accident.

 While he was on the verge of death, an unknown system appeared in front of him and ask Ajin to become a player. In exchange, his life will change completely and will become a new person.

 Now having awakened his power , Ajin begins his path to become the Earth's strongest Hunter!!

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsMysterySchool LifeSupernatural
Ability Steal Absent Parents Accelerated Growth Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Apartment Life Calm Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Confident Protagonist Contracts Demi-Humans Determined Protagonist Dungeons Enemies Become Allies Evil Gods Evil Organizations Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Godly Powers Guilds Hunters Loner Protagonist
Table of Contents 50
  1. Chapter 49Nov 28, 2022
  2. Chapter 48Nov 26, 2022
  3. Chapter 47Nov 24, 2022
  4. Chapter 46Nov 24, 2022
  5. Chapter 45Nov 21, 2022
  6. Chapter 44Nov 21, 2022
  7. Chapter 43Nov 20, 2022
  8. Chapter 42Nov 20, 2022
  9. Chapter 41Oct 31, 2022
  10. Chapter 40Oct 29, 2022
  11. Chapter 39Oct 27, 2022
  12. Chapter 38Oct 9, 2022
  13. Chapter 37Oct 8, 2022
  14. Chapter 36Oct 1, 2022
  15. Chapter 35Oct 1, 2022
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