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/ Series / Call an Ambulance!
Call an Ambulance!
Call an Ambulance!
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4.9 (110 ratings)
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An eldritch abomination from beyond the stars, a being that has lived through eternity, with no beginning and no end...
Might be a lesbian?
One day, while floating through the void, a creature the size of galaxies is attacked from all sides by a mysterious enemy. Shrinking itself and hiding on a small planet, It adopts the form of a young woman. But life is not as simple on earth as it is in space, and... uh... g-girls are w-weirdly... pretty? Uh... Oh, man.

ComedyFantasyGirls LoveHorrorRomanceSci-fiSupernatural
Aliens Complex Family Relationships Confident Protagonist Dense Protagonist Friendship God-human Relationship God Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Magic Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Tentacles
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      Status: chapter thirty

      Banger. Woulda loved to read more about the angry things. Human society is strange and eldritch horror recognizes this. 

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      Status: chapter thirty

      I really wish Jellie_Ellie had published this as a book, because then I could get more people to read it. This is a delightfully fun story about an unknowable cosmic horror making herself human (ish) and discovering what it means to be in love. There's a lot of goofy humor to be found here, and I loved how the unknowable cosmic horror (who named herself Call An Ambulance after one of the first things she ever heard) grew from just not getting humanity at all, to mostly getting it. There's still some adorable disconnect, though. Also, I never knew how romantic eating stars could be. I can't recommend giving this one a go, and maybe shooting the author a donation for her work. Five stars.

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      Status: on the subject of [redacted]

      This story was a total banger! You should give it a try - it's short, but an excellent read! 

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      Status: completed

      I just wish there was more to read. Really loved it, the characters are lovely, hope to see more about our protagonist in the future.

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      Status: ch30

      My favorite stories are full of lgbtqness and weird. Because, we all need more weird in our mundane lives and fiction's our only option. Now normally the "weird" is magic, being isekai'd, etc, but in this case it's eldritch abominations. And hey, that's new, but I'm not anti-eldritch-abomination-racist, so I'm here for it!

      Great story - very cute, well-written, and it had lots of fun, weird things to think about. If you like stories with a nice mix of romance, characterization, fluff, and weird stuff that strikes a great balance between seriousness and silliness then this is a story for you.

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      Status: chapter thirty

      A cute little story with a bit of fluff, tasty glass snacks, some self-reflection and awareness (so a bit of serious stuff). Overcoming your past to enjoy your future. All the good stuff. 

      A bit short but if you're looking for a quick and fun read with a lovable eldrich horror adjusting to living among humans with all that entails... you might just want to take a look.

      Not sure what else to say except:

      grammar and structure is a 5/5

      story and characters are a 10/5

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