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/ Series / Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)
Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)
Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)
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White Shigaraki

✠ Description ✠ 

Protagonist of the story. White suffers from being a coward and an introvert because of his past, but he is learning to overcome them as he spends more time in this new world.

✠ Status ✠


✠ Equipment ✠  

Eqp Brown Cotton Lagger  Eqp Brown Lolico Armor Eqp Yellow Tartis  Eqp Lucky Green Leather Belt  Eqp Necro Katara  

Eqp AbsoLab Archer Hood  Eqp Black Dragon Robe  Eqp Beige Plain Robe  Eqp Beige Plain Robe

✠ Gifts ✠  

「Gift of Spiritual Guidance」— You can see spirits. Spirits will guide you to fragments, which you can collect to gain SP.

【Spirits wander near dead bodies, and cannot be destroyed nor physically interacted with. Only one spirit can be used as a guide at any given time.】

【10 fragments can be collected to combine into 1 SP. Fragments can be found in mana-rich environments.】

✠ Passive Skills ✠ 

Meditation.png「Nature Crafting」▣ Lv 1 ▣ Ability to craft simple items made with nature. 

Burning_Magic.png「Pain Reduction」▣ Lv 5 ▣ Dulls the sensation of pain on a minor degree. 

MapleStory M Shadower Dagger Mastery「Dagger Proficiency」▣ Lv 4 ▣ Ability to use a dagger.

MapleStory Combat Switch Explosion「Disarmed Circuit」▣ Lv 1 ▣ A body with a malfunctioning mana circuit.

✠ Extra Skills ✠ 

Holy_Magic_Shell.png「Luminous Ball」▣ Lv 7 ▣ Conjure a malleable sphere of light to blind your foes. Effectiveness decays over 7 hours. (Cooldown: 24 hours)
MapleStory Luminous Standard Magic Guard「Imbue Light」▣ Lv 1 ▣ Touch a weapon to turn it into a light source, and grant light attribute until skill is toggled off. 

✠ Class Skills ✠ 

Haste.png 「Footwork」▣ Lv 1 ▣ (+3) Dexterity. A [Fighter]'s increased proficiency with feet movement.

HP_Boost.png 「HP Boost」▣ Lv 1 ▣ (+100) Maximum HP. A [Fighter]'s enhanced vitality.

Physical_Training.png 「Bulk Stamina」▣ Lv 2 ▣ (+102%) STA. A Fighter's abilities run on Stamina points (STA), recovering 1% each second. 

Barricade Mastery 「Heavy Arms」▣ Lv 1 ▣ A Fighter's enhanced weight endurance. 

Chain_Attack.png  Active:「Pulse Strike」⊡ Lv 1 ⊡ Consumes 15% STA to inflicts a shockwave onto an enemy. (5-second cooldown)

Octopunch.png  Active:「Momentum」⊡ Lv 1 ⊡ Consumes 10% STA to repeat the last [Fighter] skill you've used at no cost. (1-minute cooldown) 



✠ Description ✠ 

An adventurer--- Shinri is known to be a mysterious individual who wears a kitsune mask and a white fur coat at first. But after her identity as a girl is revealed, she assumes a more rough and playful personality in contrast to her more feminine appearance. Shinri has amber eyes and crimson red hair. 

✠ Skills ✠ 

Maple_Guardian.png 「Lesser Heal」 

Infinity.png 「Basic Cure」


Heinesia Marlet

✠ Description ✠ 

Guild staff--- A popular guildperson who takes care of adventurers with high efficiency and professionalism. The bespectacled beauty is described to have brown, sienna-tinted hair and a large chest.

✠ Skills ✠ 

Sylphid_Aid.png 「Heal」



✠ Description ✠ 

A woman of high status. Appears to be some sort of knight for an established family.

[Art soon]


✠ Description ✠ 

A librarian--- Lyndel is described to be a shy and reserved girl. She has dark green hair in a loose bob cut, and pale skin. 


Richard Brownfield

✠ Description ✠ 

Owner of a tailor shop--- An eccentric, easily excitable middle-aged man. Has made custom clothing for White in exchange for the set he wore on Earth.

Records of Past Heroes

✠ Description ✠ 

The Heroes have been known to be birthed from the world way before the ritual known as Hero Summoning became more common in recent years. They possess the mark, and aptitude to defeat the ancient evil that sprouts forth every 50 years.

✠ Skills ✠ 

MapleStory Empress's Blessings「Altair's Insight」- Can appraise anything, and see all known and hidden skills, talents, traits, with access to a hero-exclusive skill library.

MapleStory Mihile Call of Cygnus「Ennieus' Ambition」- Hyper-growth in experience gain and removes the level ceiling. 

MapleStory Kaiser's Majesty「Diana's Empathy」- Can speak and understand all languages.

Rinne_Protection.png「Cardinal's Commandment」- Bestow the power of Cardinal's Virtues.


✠ Description ✠ 

A hustler who had taken an interest in White and had approached him with her name card, telling him to visit whenever he wants. She is described to have silky maroon hair, and a well-endowed chest. 

[Art soon]


✠ Description ✠ 

A sixteen-year old waitress at Yunosu Diner, and also the daughter of its owner. Evie has twin-tails on her orange-yellow hair and bright blue eyes. 

[Art soon]


✠ Description ✠ 

A mature woman in her twenties, who acts as the guide for White while in the church.



✠ Description ✠ 

A young man with blonde hair who's a similar age to White, and is also an aspiring adventurer. He comes from a rich family, which allows him to don on extremely high-end equipment. His personality is suggested to be narcissistic.


✠ Description ✠ 

An wolf-kin coming from a rare breed of snow wolves in the northern mountains--- Ruru experienced a tragic past, causing her to lose her home and her family, eventually degrading into the life of a slave. 

However, her encounter with White was slowly developing dependence within her starved subconscious.

Ruru is also an Ascendant, currently a Level 9, capable of using racial skills and protection spells.

✠ Status ✠


✠ Skills ✠ 

MapleStory Nimble Feet「Housekeeping」▣ Lv 23 ▣ Ability to perform cleaning and other domestic tasks efficiently.

Meditation.png「Nature Crafting」▣ Lv 8 ▣ Ability to craft simple items made with nature. 

MS Skill Ancient Warding.png「Nature’s Bounty」▣ Lv 4 ▣ Ability to forage in the wild.

MS Skill Monster Rider.png「Horse Rider」▣ Lv 2 ▣ Ability to ride a horse.

MapleStory Resistance Citizen Capture「Fishing」▣ Lv 2 ▣ Ability to catch fish.

Master of Swimming「Swimming」▣ Lv 6 ▣ Ability to swim.

Time Generator「Pain Resistance」▣ Lv 17 ▣ Resists the sensation of pain below a certain level. 

Reinforce Body「Mental Resistance」▣ Lv 11 ▣ Resists psychic attacks and disturbances below a certain level. 

✠ Class Skills ✠ 



〚 ♦ Isekai Clothes A/B/C/D ♦ Isekai Grade ✠ Equipment - Set 〛

〚 Eqp Cheap Mask ♦ Metronome Facade ♦ Isekai Grade ✠ Equipment - Eye Accessory 〛

〚 Eqp Brown Lolico Armor Chest Leather Armor ♦ Lesser Rare Grade ✠ Equipment - Top ♦ 34 Defense 〛

〚 Eqp Yellow Tartis Leather Gloves ♦ Uncommon Grade ✠ Equipment - Gloves ♦ 23 Defense 〛

〚 Eqp Lucky Green Leather Belt Leather Belt ♦ Uncommon Grade ✠ Equipment - Belt ♦  16 Defense 〛 

〚 Eqp Necro Katara Moonsift Fang ♦ Rare Grade ✠ Equipment - One-handed Dagger ♦ 70 Attack 〛⤷ Moon Flow: Increased critical damage with durability as a cost.

〚 Eqp Mechanator Pendant Aquacone Necklace ♦ Common Grade ✠ Equipment - Necklace ♦ 20 Defense 〛⤷ Aquacone I: Spells consume 4.3% less MP.

〚 Eqp Sword Todd's Sword Mk. 6 ♦ Craft ✠ Equipment - One-handed Sword ♦ 540 Attack ♦ Light attribute 〛 

〚 Eqp Steel Tower Shield  Todd's Shield Mk. 3 ♦ Craft ✠ Equipment - Shield ♦ Light attribute 〛 

〚 Eqp Brown Cotton Lagger Plain Outfit ♦ Common Grade ✠ Equipment - Top / Bottom ♦ 1 Defense 〛 


〚 Etc Marjoram Flower ♦ Pommel Grass ♦ Common Grade ✠ Material 〛⤷ A patch of yellow grass.

〚 Etc Fiery Jewel ♦ Ignition Stone ♦ Uncommon Grade ✠ Material 〛⤷ A highly flammable piece of rock. Disintegrates during combustion.

〚 Etc Intense Power Crystal ♦ Dungeon Core ♦ Uncommon Grade ✠ Material 〛⤷ Contains the lifeforce of a dungeon monster.

〚 Etc Soulful Erdas Sample ♦ Sactilite's Ashes ♦ Rare Grade ✠ Material 〛 ⤷ The remains of a Twin-headed Sactilite. Emits a scent that low-levelled monsters do not like.

〚 Etc Prime Beef ♦ Rabbit's Meat ♦ Common Grade ✠ Material 〛⤷ The meat of a Horned Rabbit. 


〚 Etc Gelatin ♦ Grape-Flavored Candy ♦ Isekai Grade ✠ Consumable〛

〚 Use Unripe Onyx Apple♦ Pletuplant ♦ Common Grade ✠ Consumable: Recovers 0.5 Stamina over 5 seconds.〛

〚 Use Body & Physics Medicine ♦ Spearmint Ale ♦ Common Grade ✠ Consumable: Recovers 3 Stamina over 20 seconds.〛

〚 Use Red Potion ♦ Lesser HP potion ♦ Uncommon Grade ✠ Consumable: Recovers 10 HP over 10 seconds.〛 

Adventurer Ranks / Titles

✠ Titles ✠ 

Novice Adventurer - Aspiration + 1 (Reduced stamina consumption rate)

Merchant -  「Merchant's Deal」

✠ Adventurer Ranks ✠ 

Etc Scrap ID Plate - Permit

Etc Bronze Plate - Bronze Rank (Requirement: Registration fee)

7lN0PeB.png - Iron Rank (Requirement: Collect 20 E-rank monster drops)

Etc Steel Plate - Silver Rank (Requirement: ?)

Etc Gold Plate - Gold Rank (Requirement: ?)

Etc Mithril Plate - Platinum Rank (Requirement: ?)

Etc Orihalcon Plate - Mithril Rank (Requirement: ?)

Etc Adamantium Plate - Adamantite Rank (Requirement: ?)

Etc DiamondUse Leaf CrystalEtc Lidium Diamond / Emerald / Obsidian Rank

Miscellaneous Items

〚 Etc Patrol Robot Memory Chip ♦ White's Keycard ♦ Isekai Grade ✠ Miscellaneous〛

Etc Poison Hornet Stinger ♦ Poisoned Arrow ♦ Common Grade ✠ Ammunition〛⤷ A crude-wooden arrow smeared with goblin excrement. Inflicts low-paralysis and poison damage over time.

〚 Etc Clover ♦ Clover of Invitation ♦ Rare Grade ✠ Miscellaneous 〛⤷ A special clover leaf. Attracts Horned Rabbits strongly. 

〚 NPC Unknown Egg ♦ Monster Egg ♦ Rare Grade ✠ Miscellaneous 〛⤷ The egg of a [Horned Rabbit]. 

Monster Ranks

✦ E-ranked - Have to be cleared out to maintain the safety of human settlements.

✦ D-ranked - Threatens overpopulation if not cleared out on a regular basis.

✦ C-ranked - Environmental monsters. They are aggressive towards invaders in their territory, slowing down the conquest for human borders. Although dangerous, they are territorial and are usually unwilling or unable to leave their marked regions. 

✦ B-ranked - Tactical-class monsters, able to attack humans without having fixed habitats. Due to their wandering nature, some of them evolve and become stronger with the use of skills or magic. 

✦ A-ranked - Strategic-class monsters able to disrupt warfare at a high level. 

★ S-ranked - National threat. Usually belonging to that of the party of heroes, or the commanders of the Demon King's army.

★ SS-ranked - Continental threat. The Demon King is the only one ever recorded to reach this rank.

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      New Vandille
      Status: [vol 1] chapter 61
      Apr 19, 2021


      Twisted indeed. This story was already excellent, you could feel the slight naivety of the protagonist sprinkled with tiny bits of maturity.


      When the start of his personality changed, it sent shivers down my spine, it was excellently portrayed in little things like instead of a warm "Thank you" it turned into a cold "Pleasure doing business with you"


      Very dark, take this from someone who prefers reading NTR, psychological, and tragedy, but it is only when introducing a character so it doesn't spoil the mood too much.

      Fufu, it's a nice read overall. Can't wait for future chapters ""😆""

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: novel disclaimer
      Nov 7, 2019

      Ths novel is one of the greatest novel in this site.. I've actually read the draft version of this novel so I can see a lot of impovements... like better pacing, more character development, better world construction and so many more!

      All in all, this is worth the shot and I can't wait to read more

      (Sorry if my english is bad)

      Read More

      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol 0] chapter 7
      Sep 7, 2020

      yeah, no. Not really feeling it. Aspiring to be "different" from other isekai novels while still being exactly the same as other isekai novels. In truth, I just don't really like authors trying to mimic Japanese stories, the way they speak, act, and think, because obviously you're writing in English, which is directly opposed to Japanese in almost every way, that's why I don't believe you can write in English with "Japanese style". They are irreconcilable, both culturally and in terms of actual grammar. I can tell that the author knows about the language to some extent, but that doesn't make either the story or the author Japanese. It feels more like one of those "weeb-complex stories" rather than just thematically inspired. 

      On the other hand, though, the author has some commendable writing skills, both in terms of style and grammar. I can also tell the sheer amount of effort put into every chapter, with those little icons, illustrations, and whatnot. Notwithstanding that, the characterization is so far poor, considering that all characters are copy-paste from Japanese novels.

       Sure, I know that the premise of the novel hasn't even been put into motion as of chapter 7, and I'm sure this deserves all the praises that has received, but I'm quite tired of the Japanese Isekai formula right now, so I can't keep reading no matter how good the writing is and how good the plot becomes in the future.

      In short, I just wanted to rant about my dislike for "Japanese-inspired" novels on this site. If the author ever decides to write something different, then I'm all in, but I'm just going to skip this one.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c60
      Jun 12, 2020

      It’s a very good novel but please wait till it starts again. Story has just started and didn’t progress much. This story will leave you with suspense if you read it now.

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: Ch. 50
      Jan 3, 2020

      Waiting for more..

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol 1] chapter 44
      Dec 11, 2019

      MC almost got stabbed by one of the girl

      No more need be said for a yandere harem

      5/5 *stabby*

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: v1c32
      Oct 19, 2019

      4.7* (idk y I cn't lit the stars above)

      A warm story, wherein you can see the authors effort in building the world with finesse. Though nothing much has been known about the "Yandere Harem", So far, the MC's endeavors in trying to live his new life to the fullest is a pleasant read. 

      So far, the only "chin scratching, mouth pouting with forehead lines appearing on my head" was during the process of the MC's transmigration. Well, it's not a problem though, author san can just rewrite it or let editor san do his tricks. 

      PS: I hope the author and editor has good health so they can continue putting up more immersive chapters. Coz this is something nice to read.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c63
      Dec 8, 2020

      This novel is so generic you could write the entire thing by pulling out paragraphs from other isekai novels and lining them up like a collage and it would be unchanged. However the yandere bits of the novel are great and if yandere isekai harem is what you are looking for then few others are this good.

      edit: forgot to mention how awesome the icons and pictures are they really make the novel much better
      edit2: after reading more webnovels it comes to my attention that the icons arent just awesome but amazingly super duper awesome to the point that they made the novel like 50% better imo

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: C40
      Jul 14, 2020

      The cover is what interests me and indeed this novel have great illustrations. But what made me stay is the skill of the author. The story has (very) slow pace but not boring. Hope to see he releases more frequently

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c50
      Jan 28, 2020

      Best Nov for me.

      Storyline and Characters are amazing....
      Awaiting the White's future destiny.....

      Keep Going, Sinpathy....

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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