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The Spirit Games
The Spirit Games
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Bullied at school and neglected by his parents, Tom Fiddle finds himself at his wit’s end, until he receives a strange email offering him a job as a cultivation clan’s spirit automaton.

But what *is* a spirit automaton?

After a successful application, he gets an answer to his question: a spirit automaton is an arcane spirit attached to a pocket realm. They can shape this miniature world to their liking and conjure spiritual entities, usually monsters, out of thin air. Their role is to create and administer trial-by-fires. These life and death competitions determine whether a disciple is *chosen* or merely *trash* that deserves to be left by the wayside.

Tom’s new responsibility will affect the lives of millions of cultivators and shape the future of hundreds of worlds, dozens of galaxies, and eventually, the universe itself.

Will Tom use his newfound power to torment others and merely benefit himself? Or will he rewrite the course of history and transform the path of cultivation from a path of blood and destruction, to one of peace and tranquility?

Aggressive Characters Ancient China Automatons Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Cultivation Daoism Fantasy World Xianxia
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