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/ Series / Genshin Impact: Emmy in Teyvat
Genshin Impact: Emmy in Teyvat
Genshin Impact: Emmy in Teyvat
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4.6 (32 ratings)
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The world of Teyvat housed many secrets within its numerous corners yet none are capable of uncovering these mysteries and returning to tell the tale.
Emmy was a normal kid who lived her days in Mondstadt until one day she had contact with an ancient artifact that completely changed her life. Granting her powers of old and awakened something within her that she never thought she had.
Watch as she goes on a journey to document, adventure, and investigate her world's mysteries while making friends and foes along the way.
"I shall scale the mountains and cliffs, Fly in the sky and battle against thunderstorms and even time shall not make me yield, I am the one who will seek the truth of this world" - Emmy Edgar

Not my photo by the way.

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Genshin Impact
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 92: battle of mondstadt – part 1.

    [Emmy and the rest of the kids are about 7 years old] (Correct me if I'm wrong but they are still very young)

    I'm not very good at writing reviews but I will try. 

    The story focuses on Emmy, Fischl, and their little gang of children. The problem I have with the story is that none of them act even remotely close to children and its very... jarring? Don't know how else to put it except that it breaks the immersion and the whole thing feels wrong and off. The only reason I have even gotten as far as I did is because its not your typical Harem, Power Fantasy fanfiction filled with boring characters and every female thinking the MC is the only male on the planet written by horny teenagers.

    Emmy is too mature for her age. The other kids are a bit mature as well but not to the point that I cant accept it. The only time she even remotely acts like a child is when she is with Fischl/Amy and even then I wouldn't even call that acting like a child, its just her hanging out with her closest friend. Not much else I can say about her character other then the fact that the author doesn't know how kids should act or think. If they were older I wouldn't have much complaints and the author needs to remember that THEY ARE KIDS. As for the other characters I don't have much else to say on them either. To be honest other then Fischl I don't give a cr*p about the other kids. They may or may not be important later on when the kids grow up but as of now they do very little for the story and are frankly just annoying to read about because they have little to no importance to Emmy or the plot. I would rather read more fluffy moments with Emmy and Fischl as Emmy grows in power and goes about her daily life.

    On the topic of Emmy's power she is growing far too quickly for her age. We have to remember that Emmy is about 7 (again correct me if I'm wrong) but she has already been through some combat, killing, near death situations and a few other things she really shouldn't right now. 

    I forgot to mention her power is pretty much a typical System that talks and gives her power when she does things. The whole thing with the System is already a huge turn off for me since I personally never liked any System in stories because they break immersion and authors only use it as a crutch for their lack of skill in writing a story. Systems for the most part are only used to force the plot forwards or as an excuse to make the characters stronger because authors can't write into the story themselves or they are just lazy and unskilled.  Authors can write a perfectly decent story and character without a System as a crutch. They made a decent attempt to give justification on why the System exists by calling it an ancient artifact or something but in the end the whole thing is just a bunch of b.s.

    As of Chapter 92 the actual plot of the story (if there is one) has hardly moved anywhere or changed. Half of the story is just her talking to her system and doing either training or just some useless filler with her gang members. The only part of the whole story I liked was when she was hanging out with Fischl since its the closest she has been to acting her age. Their friendship and any chapter with them together has been very fluffy that's what I imagined most of the story would have been like in-between her training of course until they grew up a bit.

    TLDR: Kids are far too mature and the system is bad.

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    Status: c10

    I tried to get through a few chapters as it seemed like an interesting idea but all the characters are very 2D and the main character is a bit creepy. A lot of the dialogue is written like old style English and seems so odd how advanced the vocabulary of a bunch of random children are. It feels completely out of sync to their age that it just takes you right out of the story. Also, you're telling me parents who clearly seem like they care about their child would leave a 6 or 7 year old home alone for weeks maybe even longer while risking their life for adventure? Very irresponsible.

    Overall, grammar and the writing isn't bad. The story I can't comment on as I only read 10 chapters so not much has happen but the worst offender is any interaction the main character or other characters interactions with her does not fit and feels so awkward. It takes you out of the story and it's the reason I couldn't continue reading.

    Edit: For some reason, this site is auto selecting 0 stars unsure if it is a bug as this also happened to another rebiw. I give this a 2/5 stars.

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