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/ Series / Reborn as Thor!_Self-Insert (SI) in DxD world!
Reborn as Thor!_Self-Insert (SI) in DxD world!
Reborn as Thor!_Self-Insert (SI) in DxD world!
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How long has it been? 100 years? 200 years?... I stopped counting after 50 years, I think the boredom of counting the seconds - minutes - hours - days got over me.

I still have some memories from when I was alive... I remember two people, a man, and a woman, I think they were my parents, I remember seeing them every day, it was good... But every time they left... I could hear them starting to cry on the other side of the door, I didn't want them to cry.

I remember lying in a bed, I think it was a hospital due to the characteristic smell; I remember spending my time watching movies, mainly Marvel ones, and reading manga, I remember hating one manga in particular... What was the name of that thing again? Highschool... I suppose it's not important anymore, because one day I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was alone sitting on a log at the edge of a lake, it was beautiful... Very beautiful, it was always night, never I saw the sunrise again so I could count every star in the sky, it was snowing a little but the cold for some reason didn't bother me. I didn't want to close my eyes again, I was afraid of losing what I was seeing, so I started counting the time I was there... Until boredom overcame me and I stopped counting, and I just kept enjoying the view.

Times passed... Something different happens.

"It's very beautiful… isn't it?" said a voice beside me.

"...Yes," I said calmly... The voice sounded...welcoming like I didn't need to panic. I looked and saw a familiar face, which was in every Marvel movie I watched lying in that bed...

"...Stan Lee?..." I asked confused.

"Hum... Not exactly," he said with a small smile until he sat down on the same log I was sitting on.



"Tell me, son... What would you do if you had the opportunity to see the sun one more time?"
Raw Resume: MC got reincarnated as a God (Record of Ragnarok: Thor) in DxD universe, follow him on his adventures in a universe in an unexplored universe!
HighschoolDxD - does not belong to me.
Marvel - It's not mine.
Shuumatsu no Valkyrie (Record of Ragnarok) - Doesn't belong to me either.
Any Anime, Movie, Comic, etc. - Doesn't belong to me.
Anyway... I hope you'll forgive me in case of any grammatical errors, English is not my first language, and I haven't practiced it for a long time.

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionFantasyHaremIsekaiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Alternative-Universe (AU) God High School DxD Reincarnation Self-insert
Based on an Anime God Protagonist Reincarnation
Table of Contents 75
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: First Contact: Tordenhus!

    This is a very well structured story, with good spelling, easy reading and character development.


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    8 Likes · Like

    I don't think I read the same thing as Mr. Insanity here. 

    This fic's grammar was pretty damn bad, the characters are flat. And the MC is a prude in the DXD world, like wtf? 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: peace in a life of...

    Dude... All I can say is GREAT STORY! Actually have a lot more to say, character development is excellent, plot development is excellent, world-building is excellent as well, all in all an excellent story! Though author I know the MC doesn't want too much responsibility but shouldn't he become the leader of the Norse gods being the strongest? The one with the biggest fist should rule if he wants to make a difference... and when will the story reach the timeline of starting plot of Highschool DxD?

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: the centenary of Ásgarðr’...

    Loving the story so far. Just hoping it will reach the canon before it gets dropped or something...

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    3 Likes · Like
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