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/ Series / My Second Life In Another World
My Second Life In Another World
My Second Life In Another World
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4.1 (25 ratings)
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As the night falls, a man sits alone, lost in thought and mourning the loss of his parents on his birthday. He takes a swig from his bottle, trying to numb the pain. However, when he wakes up the next day, he finds himself in a completely new world, endowed with powers that he had unknowingly chosen in his drunken state.

As he navigates this unfamiliar terrain, he begins to uncover secrets about himself that he never knew existed. Determined to meet his parents again, he sets out on a journey to understand his newfound abilities and the world he now finds himself in.

From Solo Leveling to The Beginning After The End to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, follow this man's story as he tries to make sense of his new reality and find his way back to his loved ones.

Note: This story is a fan fiction and I do not own any of the characters. For those interested, you can join the Discord link provided or check out my Patreon to read ahead.

got it!

There are over 200 chapters on Webnovel here is the link..

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Solo Leveling The Beginning After the End
Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Clumsy Love Interests Cold Love Interests Devoted Love Interests Dragon Slayers Dragons Enemies Become Lovers Familiars Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Level System Love at First Sight Lucky Protagonist Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Mysterious Family Background Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Transported into Another World World Hopping World Travel
Table of Contents 111
  1. I have been waitingFeb 17, 2024
  2. The Slash 2Feb 12, 2024
  3. Fight between the ArmiesFeb 12, 2024
  4. Not the timeFeb 12, 2024
  5. Are you the only Monarch here?Feb 12, 2024
  6. The SlashFeb 11, 2024
  7. OmoshiroiFeb 11, 2024
  8. What Happened?Feb 11, 2024
  9. Fight Starts!Feb 11, 2024
  10. Monster Army Arrives!!Jan 24, 2024
  11. CenterJan 24, 2024
  12. That’s A Lot Of DamageJan 24, 2024
  13. Meeting Starts!Jan 24, 2024
  14. DecisionJan 20, 2024
  15. End Of Humanity?Jan 20, 2024
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      good story with little to no flaw in story or other thing but:--

      Harem is way too cringe..  MC is like flirting and catching women at every turn  and his each and every non-married women that is introduced in story is becoming part of MC harem...  This is absurd  I am this is too absurd and cringe  how tf someone could read or write so much cringe harem with pokemon catching girls...  in a month after reincarnation he addes almost 4 girls in his harem and that's how many non-married girls we have in story as of yet except the camera-women who also in love with MC but MC ignores it.....  This is the best example of desroying your work by forcefully ading cring harem....

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      12 Likes · Like
      Status: c0

      This is more a plea for focusing less on world hopping stories if your MC is gonna reincarnate in another world let him stay there. 

      The very premise of this trope takes away all stakes why would we care about anyone in this world if the MC is just gonna bail on them and is looking forward to the next adventure. That truly turns a harem story into a pokemon story. 

      He collects all the pokemon and then leaves them all to do it all again just to really hammer in the fact that MC don´t give a fuk about them.

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      5 Likes · Like
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