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Lady of The Dragon
Lady of The Dragon
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Anjia grew up in a forest alone with her mother, one day they get captured by slave traders.
But her misfortune doesn't end there, the slave caravan is attacked by direwolves.
The beasts quickly kill the slave traders and slaves, her mother is left mortally wounded and Anjia is slowly losing her strength.

As the situation grows ever more dire a mighty beast appears, the mighty beast saves her in her time of need and takes her under its wings. The legendary dragon becomes her guardian.

Follow Anjia as she goes on a journey in a world filled with magic, during her travels she will discover her mother's secret past and fight a mysterious disease that consumes her body from the inside. A journey that will surely change the young girl as she encounters threats and allies alike.

Adventurers Appearance Changes Determined Protagonist Dragons Fairies Fallen Nobility Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist God-human Relationship Kingdoms Magic Beasts Master-Servant Relationship Multiple POV Mysterious Family Background Personality Changes Sickly Characters Sword And Magic Tragic Past Weak to Strong
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