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/ Series / Jumping Through the Omniverse as a Conduit
Jumping Through the Omniverse as a Conduit
Jumping Through the Omniverse as a Conduit
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I have been reincarnated/transferred to new worlds far more than I can count. Throughout my travels, I have been the Hero, Sage, Assassin, Villain, and King ...and never once was I granted the peace I desired after my work was done. The God in charge of my transfers is a cruel man who seems to draw pleasure in ripping me away from those I love and casting me into a new situation to fix his problems. Now on my sixth transfer, I am done being his errand boy and will forge my fate with my own hands. Using the skills and knowledge I have acquired over my past few lives, I will take back my existence and find the peace I have longed for.

My Hero Academia Rising of the Shield Hero
Protagonist Strong from the Start Reincarnated into Another World Skill Assimilation Special Abilities Transmigration Transported into Another World Unlucky Protagonist Weak to Strong World Hopping World Travel
Table of Contents 205
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 8 – part-time offer

    Conversations very dull and overall the fiction is like a trivia... there is almost zero descriptions of characters.

    When these points come together, it becomes a bland novel. Author should work on descriptions, dialogues. These are just my opinion tho.

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    Status: c38

    After reading every chapter I can confidently say mid. Really predictable and obvious he just wanted to change the mha story. 

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    Status: chapter 35

    A decent read if you want to pass time. Don't go in explaining something good or great. It's just meh. But decent meh. 

    My dude star & stripe was introduced almost an year before you began writing this story. She has one of the most broken OP powers out there. And she's a no show. 

    I hate it when fanfic authors don't even do the bare minimum of ground work before they start writing / posting their work. (Understandable if it's a colossal catalogue like Marvel or DC...) But this is just one series. 


    Also 5he Japanese media & hero association who were hell bent on enforcing a no kill policy & every hero who detected killing just trun around & accept m.c. killing & mameing PPL left & right. Like no questions asked no resistance... And author has the check to suggest m.c. talks like a skilled politician. No he didn't he was below mid. 

    Forget using talk-no-jutsu on full power. This foo doesn't even have it to begin with.


    And he makes 5he most collosal & irrational mistakes because the author wanted to drag out the story. Best example. He walks in to the iguraki's lab kills his nomu & destroys his research & just walks away. He didn't even think about waiting there to catch him while he returns FOR NO GOOD REASON. Mofo wipes his ass &  walks spouting some bull 💩 like "now they will come & find me" idiot how many brain cells are you operating on????

    Oka that's it for my rant. 

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    Status: chapter 79 – the rescue

    Preparing myself to write a review for this story, I reflect on all the reasons why I dislike it. Locking in on the most prominent trait, I decided to use it in an attempt to showcase how obnoxious it is. Hoping that it gets across, I continue to write the paragraph like this. Annoying myself with each sentence, it feels worse and worse as I go. Writing this last sentence, I move on to actually explaining my issues.

    To be more direct with my explanation, EVERY time there's a chain of actions being described, nearly every sentence is written in this same, dry, "[Verb]ing" way. It's lazy writing, annoying to read, and it's there from the very first chapter up to the most recent one.
    Chapter 1

    Telling me that I was a fool for thinking that, he informed me that I would be heading to a sixth world now. Sliding me a piece of paper I was instructed to write down a superpower I would want to have as I would need it where I was going. Asking for context, so I could plan accordingly, he informed me that I was going to the My Hero Academia world.

    Chapter 144

    Focusing on trying to pinpoint their location, fortunately, I did not have to look far as both of them came flying out of a rift. Watching the two of them blast one another with magic, Ophis could not injure Great Red and Great Red could not be bothered to take the fight seriously. Studying them for a moment, I could see why Great Red had little concern for Ophis. In terms of magical power, Great Red had her beat five to one and in physical strength, it was easily ten to one or more.

    If you find yourself capable of looking past that, you're in for a relatively... okayish story, I guess. Nothing fantastic that would make it more than a 3ish-star, so the actual writing knocked it down to a 2ish-star for me. It's a wish-fulfillment story where the main character hops around solving problems in different fictional worlds with relative ease while also having a bunch of love interests you barely get to know.

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    Status: chapter 46 – the legendary idiots and...

    Contrary to the two 1 star reviews. This novel is passable.

    There is enough going on for it to not feel like it is at a standstill, and it has some qualities and setup that make it interesting.

    I will agree with one of the 1 star reviews however, the writer isn't skilled at writing descriptions and can jump from one thing to another. When the large family of the MC show up the descriptions were limited to a name at worst and a description of their race at best. While trying to add in numerous family members, there was no real pull for the reader to memorise them and still isn't. The main character is unique enough to stay in memory but many of the side characters really need more established about them, even at the cost of pacing. Especially since the new arc sees him travel with around 5 almost faceless wives he dragged along.

    To argue with the 1 star reviews though; I've read a lot worse, this novel has no glaring issues with its english and keeps it interesting for the most part. There is no evil young master logic with how the villains are shown and it feels real enough with some of the characters expressing opinions somewhat different to the MC even if they are following him around.

    I give it a 3 because it is about average, maybe a bit more than that. The author has promise and has made an interesting story that I plan to keep following for now.

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    Status: chapter 45

    It's a superficial story, with superficial characters. "Oh hello, alright you killed a villain so now I will trust you to save the world!"

    Interactions are just cringe and ridiculous.

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    Status: chapter 31 – family reunion

    I have mixed opinions on this. On one hand the change to MHA's world to be more realistic was an amazing move and the interactions between the MC and the former MC's were done rather well. On the other hand the story in incredibly boring, with an MC that's an incredible hypocrite and is hyper focused on singular issues. The side characters and hypocritical love interests have no personality whatsoever and the MC isn't all that much better. He doesn't act anywhere close to his age, despite hero'ing for multiple centuries at this point, and has no hobbies other than passively attracting women to have more children with. 

    As for the main plot I believe it's rather boring, dull, and uninspired. The author even seems to think so because he often starts moving and then forgets he started moving it.

    I'd consider it the 2nd best Fanfiction I've read to date.

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    Status: chapter 82

    Great story! Awesome MC, unique origin, and great worlds that he's interacted with so far!

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    Status: chapter 81 – a different sort of...

    Great story with a good MC.

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    Status: chapter 73 – a mysterious man

    good story I at least liked it, I'm really liking the protagonist's personality is very good, the harem is now appearing all and their personalities are amazinggood story I at least liked it, I'm really liking the protagonist's personality is very good, the harem is now appearing all and their personalities are amazing

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