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/ Series / The Wandering of an Unstuck Stepbro: Multiverse Travel
The Wandering of an Unstuck Stepbro: Multiverse Travel
The Wandering of an Unstuck Stepbro: Multiverse Travel
458.7k Views 18276 Favorites 276 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1648 Readers
4.0 (87 ratings)
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After being hit by a truck, the protagonist woke up in the hospital in the body of Ryoto, a step-sibling of Rito and Mikan Yuuki.

At first, everything seemed normal besides seeing anime characters in real life, but during class, he got a notification...



*New quest*

Mission: Be the first to finish writing a test and do a Bully Maguire dance as you go through the hallway.

Reward: 100 SP, shop feature unlocked.

Fail: You'll be emo Peter for one week.




English is not my first language, and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll be at least interesting fanfic.

The cover doesn't belong to me. I just found it.

Discord server:

ActionFanfictionHaremRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Assassination Classroom Bleach To Love-Ru
Adopted Protagonist Age Progression Based on an Anime Past Trauma R-18
Table of Contents 276
  1. In Karakura town10 hours ago
  2. Start of the storyNov 29, 2023
  3. The Return Of The Prodigal SonNov 10, 2023
  4. ReturnOct 24, 2023
  5. Another One?Oct 17, 2023
  6. The truthOct 9, 2023
  7. Gears turningOct 2, 2023
  8. UncertaintySep 26, 2023
  9. Siblings’ disputeSep 18, 2023
  10. Hueco MundoSep 11, 2023
  11. LettersSep 7, 2023
  12. StrandedSep 5, 2023
  13. Spar with sonAug 28, 2023
  14. A RequestAug 15, 2023
  15. Heart problemsAug 4, 2023
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      New PixelSteve
      Status: the return of the prodigal...

      I enjoyed the story so far, though I did hate the system at the beginning. 

      As usually with harem stories is it a concern though that with its increasing size some members get forgotten. How this is for this story is to be seen yet I guess, but as the arcs take place in different worlds is it hard to remember the people not actively there.

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: first night at the inn

      i have a few things to comment on. I am currently at First night at the inn chapter and I have to say that the character is incosistent in terms of his personality. One minute he is avoiding everyone, the next he is joking with them in the assasination classroom arc. It just doesn't make sense. 

      Also who suddenly decides to tell other people about their powers in an unknown world by the whim like the way he did with Koro sensei. He didnt even hesistate to show Karasuma his eyes even though it would highlight him as a threat to the world. These two decisions are what you would expect from a naive and stupid protagonist. 


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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: c120

      I’ve enjoyed it so far and it has pretty good humor. Though sentient system isn’t really everyone’s taste, I like how the MC’s system progresses throughout the story.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: the answer

      The story itself is good, But I can't stand the plot for the MC development. Maybe just my preference.

      MC is mentally vulnerable, and it play a huge part in why he will make a lot of mistake, and have to live through it.

      The system also kind of design to make the MC make mistake.


      There a plot where the MC had to travel to another world, about a few month later when the MC is lonely, the system sister bring the MC first wife to that world, and they did it there, but the system give a reward that make the MC contraception not work. And don't tell him about it. About a month later they return to the real world, and MC found out about the reward bloodline effect on contraception, and  the wife is already 4 weeks pregnant.

      although there no clear answer as to weather it was intentional or not, due to the author personality, I can say that they will make the system a good guy despite all this, because it is for the MC character development. This is one of the reason I hate character development, it an excuse for the author to abuse the MC of their story.

      MC also show to train a lot, but when it time that it matter, the MC become useless (nerf) because all that training doesn't matter, what matter is character development. Author could have just made the supporting character help out and make the MC realize he is not alone, but they have to humiliate the MC by saying his action is wrong, even though they are not, just to prove their point. Ex: letting an enemy that poison all his friend and die within 3 day go, because the MC is too rash, and have anger issuses.


      For romance, It start out great with the first girl, but the author seem to make it 1 girl for so long, and rush to add 2 new girl with not much development for them, then add a third one soon after.


      The 3rd one was at the same time as when the first girl got pregnant


      The joke are decent, but half of them feel too force, like they only being there as a comedic relieve.

      Honestly if you the type of people that like story with character development, it a very good story.

      But for me, I only see an MC that keep making mistake, weak mentally, and doesn't take anything seriously

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: turn back the pendulum

      Do not be fooled by the silly name and synopsis. This series is incredibly good both in it’s overall quality and storytelling. The humour in this story can be jarring at times and if you can’t handle things getting a little silly at times it might put you off. This though, in no way detracts from the incredible character building and progression of both the main character and those around him. The relationships he forms are very genuine and the emotions of the characters are palpable and believable. (Shoutout to Karen!) Overall a very worthwhile read and I am looking forward to future chapters. Ps the editor who appears later on is a little unhinged.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: Hueco Mundo

      This is a fantastic serie and the only problem that it has it's the unstuck stepbro part of the title which has nothing to do with the serie and makes that many don't end up reading it.

      Mostly it's a mix of slice of life and comedy obviously it has it's serious stuff which I would say balances pretty well and it has the action that most love.

      The slice of life aspects I would say feel good and go smothly and never feel boring or unnecessary.

      Comedy is a 10 it's basically just a guy and the world being silly and it's just perfect I mean who doesn't like it when the MC f**ks around and revives scenes from other series but in his own new stupid way (it's difficult to explain the comedy aspect just know that at least you will like it).

      Action I would say it's good but don't expect much of it I mean mostly focuses in slice of life rather than fighting all the time.

      Oh and I forgot it has smut and I would say that this well done the only thing that I can criticize from it it's that it feels to short not that it needs more but that the scenes feels short or unfinished it's difficult to explain.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: cbirthday

      Personally not a fan of the system at the start, but seeing how it's used for later growth and development you just have to bear with it.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
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