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/ Series / In Marvel: Married to Godking Hela
In Marvel: Married to Godking Hela
In Marvel: Married to Godking Hela
241.3k Views 5013 Favorites 244 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 438 Readers
3.4 (26 ratings)
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Reborn in Marvel World, Ye Bai just wanted to be a quiet copywriter at first. I just want to spend my life with my lovely wife Hela every day, but there are always troubles that keep coming to the door.

Since Ye Bai had a sign-in system, he would get special rewards every day.

"Kryptonian General Zod's body template."

"Shenzhou Tablet, Cunjin Kaitian."

"Silver Rank, The God of the world."

Infinite power, the heart f the universe."


"Odin, I'll give you another chance. Do you agree with Hela and my marriage?"

"Thanos, are you coming to the earth to do something?"

"Galactus, The shame of the five great gods. You quickly get lost for this lord."

"Life Court, you are not qualified to judge me."


This is not my novel I am just translating it.
You can find the raw here:

Accelerated Growth Alternate World Arrogant Characters Based on a Movie Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Cold Protagonist Early Romance Romantic Subplot
Table of Contents 244
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 28: devil girl

    MC is a backstabbing lil b**h and none of the characters seem to act like themselves. 

    MC is transported to MCU and has no powers so he manipulates Bruce Banner into becoming his friend before he becomes the Hulk so he can use him for protection once he becomes the Hulk. The. MC gets powers himself and when Hulk needs him he gives him up to the military without any fight or argument because it would be “inconvenient” to his easygoing life. Meanwhile it wasn’t “inconvenient” to literally aggressively threaten and tell shield to FF off simply when they came over to try to recruit him to shield as if pissing them off wouldn’t be an “inconvenience” villains have more redeeming qualities then this gross slimy bastard. 

    As for the MCU characters calling themselves exaggerated parodies of themselves would be generous. They don’t behave like themselves they behave either as comic relief or to make MC “seem cool”.

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    8 Likes · Like

    Let’s review this novel more objectively.

    Main character: The MC has anger issues, is a massive hypocrite, and is completely unbearable, in other words, he’s a Chinese xianxia MC without a tragic backstory. 1/5

    The marvel world: The characters have almost no personality, they are simply given a basic description of the original character and then they become Chinese xianxia side characters. 2/5

    Humor: The comedy from the original marvel series is completely cut out. The author adds their own comedy which doesn’t translate well 1.5/5

    Translation: while it definitely isn’t the best it’s readable and the translator obviously tried pretty hard. 4/5 

    System: The system isn’t really explained all too well. It’s a sign in system that automatically signs in without him doing it every time he wakes up, It has an inventory space with ??? Amount of space, it doesn’t specify if the items and abilities are duplicated and then given to him or directly takes from other universes. 1/5 

    Lastly, nationalism//weird stereotypes that border racism: the author constantly mentions America being full of violence, explosions, gangs, shootings, murder. Things like Arab countries and the Middle East being known for terrorism and he absolutely refused to have the main character work with or even try and talk to any mutants. 0/5 —racism. 

    Overall I give this novel a 2.5/5 star since the translator is truly trying to improve and the romance is actually pretty good. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 5: s.h.i.e....

    The story is interesting but something about the way it's tranlated doesn't resonate with me.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 241

    I have completed as much as there currently is and although the translation is a little weird, once you get used to it, it doesn't matter much. It is overall a pretty good read. It dug deeper into the marvel multiverse then expected but it was a good unexpected extension. Although MC's thinking and attitude is a little annoying it still suits the character build up. I would have rated 4.5 but couldn't so there's that but the.5 missing is because of how the translation is but that's that and the story is good. I recommend if ur bored and have time to waste. 

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