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Hogwarts’ Beast Tamer
Hogwarts’ Beast Tamer
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Due to the Ministry's work in the manipulation of time, perhaps a single test that should never have been, or one that should have taken place. Whatever the small difference was, it unknowingly changed the timeline forever. A young wizard, growing up in a rich noble family of pure blood has been raised by his parents to be the perfect child. Obedient, Well-Mannered, and ready to take over his father's legacy of a potion's master in the Ministry of Magic. However, after a certain night, that young wizard's eyes were opened. With doubts of his teachings, he hid his real thoughts and opinions from his parents, sure they would punish him if he were to talk back. Now free of them after enrolling into Hogwarts, he needs only to graduate before he can disappear into his true passion of Magizoology.

If only things were that easy. Between keeping up appearances as a pureblood wizard in Slytherin, Discovering friendships, love, and finding his place in the war between good and evil there is no time to rest for Lucas Peterson.

I really disliked how all Slytherins were just 'the bad guys' in the movies I watched recently (Which this will be more based on, if you are hoping for writing as good as Harry Potter, You won't like my poor attempt). I wanted there to be more character growth in anyone from Slytherin, so I decided to make the story following the main timeline fairly closely. Please enjoy the life of a previously unborn child in the universe of Harry Potter.

Two Disclaimers! First, I do not own Harry Potter or this Thumbnail. Full Credit to the person or people responsible. (Look up Slytherin Wallpapers for thumbnail) Second, two of the female love interests will enter a same-sex relationship with one another.

ActionDramaFanfictionFantasyHaremRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Harry Potter
Academy Alchemy Based on a Movie Beast Companions Beasts Bloodlines Character Growth Curses Different Social Status Dishonest Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Love Rivals Love Triangles Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Mysterious Illness Persistent Love Interests Shapeshifters Slow Romance Souls Werebeasts Witches Wizards Yandere
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    Status: chapter 114. beginning arguments

    Hello everyone who reads. What can I say about this fanfic. At first, I really liked the interesting plot and well-developed worldview. But at one fine moment, the author completely disappointed me by adding NTR. When the main character's girlfriend cheats on him with someone. Whoever the guy or girl is, she still cheats and is called NTR. I don’t understand why the author did this, because if you remove the relationship between them, the plot will not change, on the contrary, it will become better. At chapter 114, this fanfic ended for me.

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18. remembrall

    MC is supposed to be pretending to be asshole. But he's honestly an actual asshole. He acts like asshole even when he's not with audience and when it's not needed. And it's not like being Slytherin or pureblood requires him to be one anyways. Not to mention his over the top acting is totally counterproductive of him keeping people away and it's literally like chinese arrogant young master behavior. Doesn't fit HP at all.

    It's so cringe, it's so unnecessary. He's not acting like an pureblood, he's choosing to be just straight up asshole. One of the most obnoxious ones at that, even worse than Malfoy, worst of the bunch at times.


    And whot? Voldemort became mentor??? Voldemort definitely wouldn't mentor anyone, he would rather kill anyone with great potential as rival or hamper their growth. Voldemort literally went to kill baby Harry because of prophecy said Harry might become threat. He might take skilled people as followers, but that's if they are actually useful, as in adults, and not threat. Also he would also not risk breaking his cover


    There's just couple irritating things that make no sense for me in the novel. Though it's pretty good otherwise.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 41. accident

    One of the best HP fics I’ve read. The pacing, romance, suspense, and world building are incredible. I look forward to how this story will develop!

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 76. the tome

    A very refreshing and interesting look at the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. And a good character cast that is interesting and new ways to solve the mystery of the school years. This is a true story for animal lovers since that is what MC is to the higesr degree! 

    I give the novel 4/5 since it's. Good pace but there are certain things that the MC might be off putting for some as the way he acts is very forced apon him

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    6 Likes · Like

    Only read a few, but this will be increible. I'm going to wait until more chapters, I hope the author don't drop it.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 60. a month after

    The best HP Fanfic I’ve read.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 111. beginning arguments

    Very good the story is amazing the plot I'm finding it very interesting, I really like the personality of the protagonist and their stories and interaction, the heroines I'm really liking them and their p Personalities I love them so much, I'm excited for more chapters 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 105. last day of third...

    Berry lovely manuscript, too short as usual.

    This fae rates it: "A beverage not poisoned and without strings attached in the fae court" out of ten.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 135. chosen champions

    Very well written story with a protagonist who grew up very sheltered and under strict parents. The divide that he has with his own ideologies and that which is expected of him is done beautifully throughout the plot. The interactions and the masks he has to wear to interact are a good point of the story. This being a original character in a Harry Potter fanfiction helps to see a nice touch of different interactions with known characters. 

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