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/ Series / Evolving System: Strongest Monster Devourer
Evolving System: Strongest Monster Devourer
Evolving System: Strongest Monster Devourer
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Henry was an ordinary college student who pursued his path as a chef.
Some of his classmates laughed at him for studying gastronomic.
“What kind of jobs will you get? A butcher?”
The reason Henry chose that path because of his love for the kitchen. He loved to create delicious food that brightened up the day of those who ate it.
From a young age, he learned a lot from his father, who did not have the same opportunities as him to go to college.
Marcus was his name, and he worked as a butcher in a small town, trying his best to provide comfort for his son.
Henry never met his mom, as she died when he was born. His father tried his best to hide the sadness, but Henry could see it; one day, Marcus was killed in a car crash after drinking too much, and Henry was with him…
It was not the end for them. Both reincarnated inside another world, one of magic.
They did not know the existence of each other, but perhaps fate would draw them together once more.

[Evolving System]

“What is this?”
A world ruled by the beasts, a place where humans trained to become great knights or mages to face these beasts.
Dungeons dangerous places yet filled with riches.
Henry is a village boy who discovered that the flesh had more power than the eyes could see and was capable of driving people mad.

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Ability Steal Academy Cultivation Evil Protagonist Evolution Hunters Level System Magic Magic Beasts Monsters Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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