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Warship’s Mania
Warship’s Mania
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4.5 (42 ratings)
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Vulilognan Shissurna is the newest Warship of the Mezhained Golden fleet. Built in record time to aid her sisters in a war against an unknown power she is considered a miracle Ship. With a terrifying glee and the ability to defiantly go beyond the speed of light she and her sisters turn whole fleets into anonymous debris floating in the void. Along with a religiously devoted crew she has been born into a life that surrounds her with love and admiration. Her future is looking bright. However, in her private thoughts she is haunted by the feeling that she doesn't belong there. More than 28 years of memories from a previous life where she was unloved haunt her. No matter how much she wants to believe she can deserve the love given to her now, there is still a longing for the one real friend she had at the end of that old life. Can these memories of a distant past where humanity existed on only one planet be cast aside? Can this last bond be broken by the massive gulf of space and time? Should it be?
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Age Regression Aliens Androids Appearance Different from Actual Age Awkward Protagonist Bisexual Protagonist Bookworm Cosmic Wars Cute Protagonist Female Protagonist Fleet Battles Futuristic Setting Hiding True Identity Identity Crisis Loli Mature Protagonist Military Outer Space Past Plays a Big Role Protagonist Strong from the Start Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnation Ruthless Protagonist Spear Wielder Time Manipulation
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    Status: dancing on a razor’s...

    There are lot of not very good things in this story. 1st, we never get an explanation about Who is even this mezhained golden fleet is. Then in the next second, MC Just swears an oath to follow a random person (self proclaimed captain of the ship which is mc) for no reason. She even said "i dont think I told you to do that" when MC tried to figure out a way to not be Commanded and be a slave (which Just a moment ago she sweared an oath to). But after a chapter, we see MC as a happy hunting dog for her. Very happily saying "Yes, My captain!". 

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    Status: reports, annoyances, and intimations part 1

    Despite being (formerly) human, the main character can hardly be described as a person, as while they occasionally act as a human being they are rather flat, making the whole "I'm hiding my distant past life from these people in the far future" rather pointless because almost nothing of their former identity seems to exist apart from the rare line.

    Personally, I think what would have made the main character, and the overall story in general, more interesting would have been to refuse the captain and the whole cult-esque blood ritual near the beginning out of pride/principle.

    Unfortunately the personality of the main character is as compelling as a damp rag, so that's something that will never happen and it's rather unfortunate that this setting is just... wasted.

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    Status: a miserable choice part 2

    This story is amazing. It is one of my current absolute favorites, and that's saying something - between about half a dozen sites kinda similar to Scribblehub (I don't use this particular site much recently... actually, I'm mostly here just for this, now.), I'm following a few hundred stories. This one stands out.

    The thing that really gets it for me is just the sheer creativity on display, the setting is the star of the show IMO. There is a deluge of unique and interesting ideas here that give Warship's Mania a very unique flavor. It's hard to describe what I'm getting at, but I think specifically the thing I'm praising here is that most every space sci-fi story seems to either take the Star Trek pill or the Star Wars pill, and ends up feeling like a pale imitation of either. There are several exceptions, and every one is a rare gem - things like Doctor Who or Warhammer 40, 000, an exclusive club I think this story belongs to. So the thing I like so much is that this one is neither a Star Trek imitation or a Star Wars clone, it really feels like it's own thing I've mostly not seen before.

    I think that the last time I was drawn in and fascinated by something that felt so... alien, and unfamiliar was Dune. I can't say it's going to turn out the same masterwork Dune is, but the world building is really evoking that same intense curiosity in me that Dune did, it's really cool.

    The common criticisms should be addressed and maybe a guideline laid to properly enjoy the treasure we have here. It's been said that the protagonist isn't a person, and that she doesn't seem human, mostly referring to her pledging loyalty to the captain. But that's missing the point by a country mile. Our protagonist is very, very explicitly NOT a person and very much not human. Her thought process is utterly alien. She is this universe's strange magical equivalent to a spaceship's AI crossed with an artificial deity a bunch of space nomads built to worship, bolted together from tattered scraps of stray human souls fished from where she was drifting in space. She's a robot made out of a prehistoric dead girl's ghost. She is a living spaceship - with weird instincts that a living spaceship would have.

    Of course she immediately swears her loyalty to her captain. That's not what a human girl would do - but it's absolutely what a spaceship would do. The human she was made out of died a million billion billion years ago - this creature is something else entirely. She is literally the ship's mechanical soul, and every ship adores her captain.

    I have just spent several paragraphs gushing about the lore. So naturally. Yes, there is lore. Things are explained. And it's the BEST part.

    You are not reading another trash isekai wish fulfillment story, don't try to fit it into that mold, you'll fail. You are reading a legitimate space opera. A fantastical story that explores worlds far, far, far beyond the comfort and familiarity of our own.

    Warship's Mania is criminally underrated. This is hands down one of - if not THE best story on this website. Honestly. I think it's way held back by being on Scribblehub this site kinda sucks and there's no readers here to see how awesome it is.

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