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/ Series / Marvel: Spider Venom
Marvel: Spider Venom
Marvel: Spider Venom
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Peter, a similar name to the comic books and hero they all know and love, Peter Parker, Spiderman!

Even throughout his life, it was always jokes. Jokes about his 'Secret Identity' from his friends. Did Peter mind? No, he enjoyed the Spiderman comics, the humor, everything that came with it. Of course he didn't like every single thing, but ever person who enjoyed comics might not like 'Everything' about a certain issue, or a certain version. But he never complained.

Peter never minded the jokes, even up to the point when he died of cancer, they still made jokes, but that was fine, that is how his friends and family got through it, it helped them cope... Just as it helped him cope with dying, humor, laughter, making others smile.

But... What would happen if he was suddenly in Peter Parker's body? In a universe unlike any he's heard, so many things different, so many things unsaid. Afterall, didn't Venom come later? Why was he attached to the spider... What is actually going on?

But... He's IS Peter, the memories, all the feelings, even the pain he felt when he watched both Ben and May pass away... Just like he couldn't understand why he was younger that his parents left him with them... It was all his emotion.

None of that mattered, he knew the seriousness of the events coming. He understood the need for the world to have hero's... Just as he understood that with his new powers, he needed to be one of them.

ActionAdultAdventureFanfictionHaremMatureSchool LifeSlice of LifeSmut
Ability Steal Academy Artificial Intelligence Bisexual Protagonist Clever Protagonist Crafting Harsh Training Heroes Strong to Stronger
Table of Contents 2
  1. A few TestsSep 23, 2022
  2. Spider… Venom?Sep 22, 2022
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