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/ Series / The Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield
The Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield
The Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield
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While on a plane ride, Shuuta Fenton and his classmates are whisked away to a fantasy world by Holy Lord Meruria. She reveals to them that they are to be her Soul Warriors. Most of the students display extraordinary skills after opening their Soul Crystal, but Shuuta is the only one to not have any potential, being cursed with a 0-Star Soul.

After a sham trial to decide whether or not he can be useful to her, in which his own sister argues for his sacrifice, Holy Lord Meruria banishes him to the void, an inescapable realm of unending torment, to recoup the Holy Mana she spent on summoning him.

While his body was destroyed, Shuuta's desire for revenge keeps his soul intact long enough to gain the attention of an unknown entity. It alters his essence and turns him into a chimera, something viewed as a blasphemous abomination that grows stronger by consuming others.

After his soul is summoned again, and this time by the imprisoned Dark Lord of Tyranny, Shuuta frees her and throws away his former identity to become Lyudmila Springfield, the future Transcendent Dark Lord that will spill the blood of her enemies.


Content Warning: Throughout this story, you can expect instances of abuse, child endangerment, rape, sexual assault, and talk of suicide, amongst other things. Shuuta's past before becoming Lyudmila Springfield is especially dark and cruel. I will have Content Warnings at the beginning of such chapters

What to Expect - Overall: This is a story about revenge, of course, as well as Mila learning to be a chimera. We'll follow her on her ascension to power, and it won't all be sunshine and rainbows. She'll fail, she'll mess up, and she'll learn from her mistakes to take full advantage of her second chance as Lyudmila Springfield. Her growth of power will be mostly steady, though there will be some jumps here and there as she assimilates certain beings and monsters. And while she will grow to become the most powerful, that will take a long while.

What to Expect - Romance: Mila will have multiple love interests, so while it might technically be a harem, she won't sleep with anyone woman that happens to look her way. Since she's a chimera, Mila's lovemaking will probably get weird. The sex scenes? They will be explicit.

What to Expect - LitRPG: Yes, this is a LitRPG, but the primary focus isn't on hard stats, but instead on skills. Levels are still important, though, but don't expect a detailed update after every little chapter.

What to Expect - Tags: Some of the below tags won't necessarily show up until later. For example, while the main character has fun with male and female genitalia with their lovers, and maybe once or twice with both before swapping back to what they're famililar with, they don't officially become a futanari (and maintain that status/identity going forward until the end of the story) until Chapter Eighty-Five - Part Three. It does happen late, so I want to be up front about that.

Cover Art: It is temporary until I commission a cover for my story.

AdultAdventureGender BenderGirls LoveHaremIsekaiLitRPGSmutTragedy
Ability Steal Alternate World Appearance Changes Beastkin Betrayal Bullying Child Abuse Depictions of Cruelty Dungeons Female Protagonist Futanari Gunfighters Hiding True Identity Level System Magic Polygamy R-18 Rape Reincarnated into a Game World Ruthless Protagonist Sexual Abuse Skill Assimilation Slaves Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter eight: tyranny control (r-18)

    I fundamentally believe that there's a good story here. There's decent world building, a thus far interesting power system, and a lot of potential in the MC being a chimera. I do question why it's tagged female MC when it's a male who dies and is reborn into a chimeric body with male s*xual organs and female secondary s*xual organs, but I didn't read far enough to figure out if the MC ended up identifying as female or male.

    The problem with the story I have is that everything is overdone. The story of abuse, the amount of detail, the speed at which apparently the MC becomes fine again or starts to heal how quickly they accept this new reality and decide on kill everyone. It all leads to issues that mean things don't really make sense.


    The MC was apparently raised in a strict meritocracy, and yet somehow despite being an utter failure in everything ends up in the same class as his/her younger sister and other geniuses in their field. They've been used as a stress ball for everyone around them and is generally treated like utter garbage, and I honestly don't quite comprehend how they're even in the same room. Unless there's a system in place where failures are placed in elite classes in prestigious schools wearing shirts that have holes in them because... what, to put pressure on everyone else constantly so they see what failure looks like? It's comically over the top evil, it's so utterly unnecessary and I'm honestly surprised the MC has managed to live as long as they did given the abuse they suffered, they shouldn't be able to speak, react, shut down utterly, complete PTSD. Instead they finally get ANGY! Once they've been betrayed one last time, and that's all our hero needs in order to decide an entire world should die! Woohooo!


    So yeah, there's too many things that are over the top that end up causing issues with suspension of disbelief.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter Eleven: My First Assimilation (...

    Well, I've read up to chapter 12, and then there will be my subjective opinion about what I got from this reading.


    First, let's start with the main character, with his backstory, he was 100% patient, who couldn't do anything with his life and just suffered.

    Secondly, I do not know for what unknown reason the author decided that the prologue of the cliche, with a call to another world of the main character and his "friends",
    can be considered a very interesting beginning of the work (it was incredibly boring and painful to read).

    Thirdly, I didn't feel any emotions about his backstory, and also missed the backstory of the Dark Lord, since it was absolutely not interesting to me.

    Fourth, a system with modern weapons and a workshop to create everything you want while the skill is being pumped, it kills the atmosphere of the fantasy world and the assimilation abilities of the protagonist. (I'm exaggerating, of course, but why do you need a dragon's heart if you can snap your finger and you'll have a nuclear bomb in your hands?)

    Fifth, the last straw of my patience was the "TDL Learning System Channel".

    Is this a reference to Paimon from Genshin Impact? Or I don't understand why they weren't given the task right away: "kill ten rabbits and you'll get the great sword, destroyer of worlds."

    I do not know if I will ever be able to come back here and continue reading, this author's first work was better.


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    Status: chapter fifty-two: murderous options

    First off, this series is very much not for everyone. Theres a lot of very edgy backstory, edgy and brutal combat, unreasonably sh*tty people, and smut. A lot of which you can fairly easily scroll past and still get the general idea of whats going on so its not a big issue for me personally. Though there is/are certain character (s) are kind of annoying and are basically just exposition and horny, which gets old fast and doesnt go away.

    Otherwise, the world does have a pretty well developed and detailed levelling system and the MC's growth and thought processes are all pretty believable and satisfying to see. If you can put up with some stuff (especially at the start), there is fun to be had with this story.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter sixty-four: will you remember...

    This story has a dark edge to it. The things that are done within first few chapters of the story really shows us a glimpse of the dark side of the world that the protagonist has been isekai'd into. As the story progresses, we slowly get to see more of what the protagonist will be up against and the way things in the world work. Of course, not all the things we see in the story are dark and gloomy. There are a few moments where the protagonist will simply enjoys the positive things that the world has to offer, experience things for the first time, etc.

    The character development that the main character goes through in the story is written in a manner that makes sense for the character, considering the circumstances that the protagonist goes through in the story that have been shown in the story so far. The other characters that we have seen in the story so far are also written in a way that captures the general atmosphere of the world the story takes place in.

    If you are looking for a story that takes its time in developing the main and supporting characters (in other words, a story that is reasonably slow-paced and could contain more than 200 chapters by the time it is completed), and has a good amount of action sequences (whether it be fight scenes or training sessions), smut scenes, and emotional moments (both negative and positive emotions), then you should give this story a chance.

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    2 Likes · Like

    Part of the story is weirdly done. Could have done something different & still got results. Too many issues/flaws created in the first few chapters.


    The summoner stated earlier that she didn't expect so many people summoned, so the power she used initially was only for a few people, so she didn't waste power for what she got. So no reason to suddenly to want to remove one person & possibly taint the relationship with the others she wants to use.

    Character design for most of the students are built to be mean automatically for plot & some to suddenly switch sides so fast is lacking common sense, since even if they backed the MC not being recycled, it wouldn't do anything different with all the baddies out numbering them from the get-go.

    MC was overly built to be a loser with abuse issues also. 

    Then MC's new body design is a bit unusual. I can understand a little of mixing up to create a Chimera body, but the design kind of makes the initially body too off-put. Would have been better to either be flipped full female from the start (since 4 of the 5 body sections used are female currently) & later in the story addon to her male 6ex organs thru the use of MC's skills if you wanted MC to  be Futa, but to go with an erectile dysfunction futa at start, makes the start of the story weird.


    But on the story (past the initial 4 chapters) & it might be something worth reading.

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