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Reality Smuggler
Reality Smuggler
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After some cosmic incident, your world went through a metamorphosis, and a new age has begone, an Era of superpowers has emerged. Around 1 in 10 people manage to awaken a power; Wolverine-like regeneration, telekinesis, mind-reading, teleportation, super strength, pyrokinesis, flying, etc. Some of them even have ridiculous abilities that categorize them as tactical weapons and nuclear deterrents, but most have trash abilities, like water creation(Very little), faintly glowing in the dark, morphing into a mouse, or making a grain of rice float in the air. And then there are the powerless, the 90% who failed to awaken a power. You are one of them.

You are a poor and normal young man in your early twenties, trying to get by and work your ass off in some supermarket to survive in a meritocratic and dystopian society, saving some money for college studies.

After a tiresome workday, you go to sleep in your bed, only to wake up the next morning in a post-apocalyptic and futuristic alternate reality of Earth, filled with genetically enhanced survivors and man-eating monsters. Frightened out of your wits and on the brink of despair, you do the only rational thing you can think off, and that is wish to go back home. And lo and behold, with a dim flash, you are back at your home, albeit hungry.

You now discover your ability, and that is to travel between alternate realities of Earth. You now have the opportunity to use this ability to its fullest advantage, trading items from the alternate realities to get money, strength, power, and women!

You will become... The Reality Smuggler!

Alternate World Artificial Intelligence Cautious Protagonist Corruption Depictions of Cruelty Evil Protagonist Game Elements Gangs Genetic Modifications Interdimensional Travel Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Money Grubber Mutated Creatures Perverted Protagonist Poor to Rich Post-apocalyptic Selfish Protagonist Slaves Special Abilities Weak to Strong
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