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/ Series / Illusion of Lycoris
Illusion of Lycoris
Illusion of Lycoris
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Rundrus Academy is one of the most famous schools for preparing students for their goals, whether it be adventuring or a well-paying job. It is said that the graduates of the academy are the cream of the crop, boasting of high-quality talents that make their names renowned in the world.

Lloyd Arclight is a young man hailing from the countryside who dreams of becoming a hero that is beloved by all just like those from the legends. A person of pure heart, and the will to help those around them. To achieve his dreams there is no better way than to attend the academy.

In a world where humans and demons are at odds. This is a world of swords and magic. A world of myths and legends. Join Lloyd as he grows and meets new comrades throughout his journey, eventually leading him to save the world-- thereby, becoming a hero.

In another story, this would be the case. This story, however, will not revolve around our supposed protagonist, but around another boy.

Fayn Nova, a student of the academy, is shunned by the people of Rundrus Academy due to an incident in the past that is known to all. His heart was closed. He didn’t care and focused on one thing, his ambition.
A second attempt at writing another story, this time the theme being not-so-light-hearted. In this story, I try to write a bit more seriously like a JRPG, balancing the serious plot points and relaxation periods. (I'm going to fail at this horribly.)

The story pretty much takes place in a JRPG setting, which could be considered light spoilers. More tags will be added as the story progresses.

There is no schedule. I may consider writing more when I have the time and am in the mood to write, and have scenarios and ideas that I desperately want to get out of my head (like every story I write).

The image belongs to the owner. It comes from Fate Kaleid: Oath Under Snow.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Academy Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Character Growth Demi-Humans Demons Determined Protagonist Dungeons Hated Protagonist Male Protagonist Mysterious Past Past Plays a Big Role Ruthless Protagonist Sword And Magic Time Skip Tragic Past
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