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/ Series / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Enigma
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Enigma
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Enigma
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Every Pokemon is born with an attraction to change and a lingering question. They seek out changes, explore and identify them to the best of their ability. They will go out into the world, to make their own change and to leave their mark on the world. Change is burned into the soul of each and every Pokemon. When something is found in the middle of a one trick town, it is only natural that it and it's future actions will change the people. Both in the town and in the new world they find themselves in. There is no one to deny that change and no one to deny an answer to that lingering question. Why do we continue to push forward?

ActionAdventureDramaFanfictionFantasyIsekaiMysteryPsychologicalSlice of Life
Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Carefree Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Charming Protagonist Comedic Undertone Dragons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Legends Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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