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/ Series / My Adaptability Is Too Strong
My Adaptability Is Too Strong
My Adaptability Is Too Strong
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Aurel's world was completely normal for the first 15 years of his life, no monsters, no dungeons, no mana and well no anything out of the ordinary. That was until his birthday in 2020 when the worlds mana reawakened. Over the next few years dungeons, towers and monsters popped up all over the world but most importantly humans gained the supernatural ability through cultivating mana.
In this new world humans gain the ability to cultivate and unlock their genetic potential on their 18th birthday through the Mana vaccine.
An individuals power level is measured by how many genetic locks they have broken and with each breaking a skill or trait will be unlocked.
Come follow Aurel's journey in this new world as he climbs to the peak of the world.

ActionFantasyMartial ArtsSci-fiSupernatural
Appearance Changes Arrogant Characters College/University Cultivation Evolution Genetic Modifications Genius Protagonist Hated Protagonist Hunters Male Protagonist Monsters Unique Cultivation Technique
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  1. 18th BirthdaySep 23, 2022
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