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The age of gods ended aeons ago with their departure from the mortal plane. After several millennia of conflict, the myriad races they left behind have finally settled into uneasy peace.

Although corporate towers have long since replaced holy temples, reminders of the bygone age of gods remain in megacities built on the ruins of fallen kingdoms.

When a new religious movement arises in the city of Dragon’s Rest, young vampire and overachieving graduate student Valen Vasilis investigates it for his dissertation only to get far more than he bargained for.

Armed with a useless degree and a few lessons from the school of hard knocks, Valen must navigate a world of ancient conspiracies, violent fanatics, and greedy corporations where the slightest mistake could get him killed or worse.

Although the young vampire knows he is in over his head, he must fight to save the city that ostracised him, the only home he’s ever known.

Updates Wednesdays-Fridays at 5:00 UTC

Also available on Royal Road

Art by Ceriseblossoms

(This story is a re-write of a previous version by the same name)

Alchemy Blood Manipulation Calm Protagonist Cyberpunk Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Gods Magic Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Polite Protagonist Reluctant Protagonist Vampires Werebeasts
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Table of Contents
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