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/ Series / BTTH Life Simulator System
BTTH Life Simulator System
BTTH Life Simulator System
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What would you do if you were reborn in the world of Battle Through the Heavens without a distinguished background or an elder in your ring and just a decent talent?
Luckily, Xiao Ming has awakened the Life Simulator System!

[The Life Simulator is on]



[You have experienced an ordinary life.]

[Elements are being chosen.]

[Currently available: Green Lotus Core Flame, Flame Mantra, Woeful Poison Body.]

[Please choose one.]

Every seven days, he can choose to extract one of the elements from his life simulation.

In this way, Xiao Ming began his ordinary life.


Original Author: Fish in the Sea of Clouds

Battle Through the Heavens Doupo Cangqiong
Academy Accelerated Growth Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Dao Companion Male Protagonist Romantic Subplot Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 28
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Table of Contents
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